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ID: fd98b No. 587

I figure that I'd need this:


to help dry my first onahole. I'd prefer to buy it from NLS, but have no idea what to type in. "Cloth stick" definitely didn't work lol

I was also planning on getting the Comosui disinfectant spray:


and buy a cloth seperately. But this:


comes with the spray and cloth for half the price. Is there any reason I should choose the Comosui brand over the one that comes in the bundle?

ID: b9e9d No.588

It would be great if NLS stocked those!

You could always try this:

Personally, I use this spray:
and this cloth (includes 2!):
because they're both from companies known for making quality products.

For the inside you could also just use your fingers to remove excess moisture and then leave it overnight in a breathable bag:

If you use an antibacterial soap then you probably don't need the spray anyway, but I use this stuff:
One bottle of this concentrated onahole washing powder lasts a VERY long time!

ID: fd98b No.589

So, you're positive if I use an antibacterial soap like:


I don't need to buy any disinfectant spray? Cuz my first purchase is already clocking in at $150 after shipping :/

ID: b9e9d No.591

I use both, but it does seem a bit unnecessary to use an antibacterial spray on it right after washing it with antibacterial soap. I guess I'm just overly cautious. That soap powder is specially designed for cleaning onaholes and contains silver ions, but any antibacterial hand soap should work fine. I think it's more important to keep the inside dry so mold wont start to grow in it.

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