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ID: b5247 No. 9

Hello everyone! My name is Ren Limone, and I'm an aspiring ero artist. Some of my artwork has been posted here already:
I like to draw very cute things, like ribbons, frills, lace, twintails, sukumizu, and other typical moe stuff. I like BL stuff too, but I don't draw men very often. This thread will most likely be filled with colored sketches, and maybe announcements about upcoming projects (if I ever get any such work :P)

ID: b5247 No.10

File: 1414290802150.png (634.99 KB, 990x1400, toy.png, io g t)

Drawn in April of 2013. I think my style has changed a bit since then~

ID: b5247 No.11

I also draw trap stuff too~!
(December of 2012)

ID: b5247 No.13

File: 1414292534892.png (454.88 KB, 900x1273, onk1.png, io g t)

Here are some trap sketches.
There are stories behind there characters, and I think I'd like something of them in the future! Maybe a nukige (If I can ever grow my brain enough to properly learn about those Ren'Py or NVList programs)

ID: b5247 No.14

File: 1414292557367.png (522.54 KB, 900x1273, onk2.png, io g t)


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ID: fc976 No.17

your art is adorable. I'm usually not drawn towards moe stuff but your use of soft pastel colors and shading is really unique and makes your work saccharine cute without being overpowering. looking forward to seeing more art from another aspiring ero artist.

ID: b5247 No.18

Thank you very much! I'm glad your like my artwork, and I hope you'll like the future images I draw for the main website too~ I'll try my best on them!
o(^ w ^)o

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