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well thanks I guess

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My my, I'm loosing count ^^

So here is my newest delivery from NLS ! Long-awaited stuff !

- Bumpy Sisters (Miko)
- Foot Job Hole ("hole" ?!)

Can't wait to try them all :p
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ID: b03c1 No.276

so how is the footjob "hole"?

ID: 6eceb No.277

That's a weird one :) Quick hint: the socks. They add up quite a bit !

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Got my small NLS order yesterday. If anyone is interested in knowing about a specific item lemme know.

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Haha, nice dude, the 1st order is always very exciting. I ordered 2 days ago my 7/8/9th order, can't wait for it, I got tired from my old onaholes >.<

ID: c06c8 No.270

My bank is a dick and doesn't allow me to transfer money to paypal, so i can't pay for my goodies :(

File: 1377473313020.png (81.4 KB, 1086x626, 11320425.png, io g t)

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-> web 2.0 ? Are you kidding me ?!

(thread, right now: http://imgur.com/T8mMvdA -sorry, imgur fucked up image)

ID: 31752 No.108

what a racist weeaboo

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ID: 6ec7c No. 262 [Reply]

I've tried looking around the internet and came up going around in circles. What is the legality of onaholes in the U.S.
Many of the boxes portray underage characters and I wonder if this or anything else is a problem.

Please let me know your knowledge/personal experience.

ID: fa99b No.263

While onaholes are perfectly legal unless the country has some religion-based or likeminded twisted law forbidding men to "waste sperm" or stick their penises into something else than women's vaginas (because of regular goat raping or whatever), onaholes can depict the outer appearance of women's genital organs, and therefor be censored by terms of contract (the few I have in mind: Apple, Facebook, Youtube,..) Likewise, domain registrars and web hosts may not allow sexual contents. That all is contractual and just means you get service from another, less butt-hurt company.

Now your question focuses on illustration, that's a tricky part. Onahole illustrations only go as far as Japanese law allows: censoring law requires to censor or pixellize.. "obscene" elements, like penises, pussy-slits and clitorises. Indeed, what's "obscene" or not is up to… anybody. The Japanese law basically trusts companies to find the balance between freedom of expression/commerce and obscenity. That's a legal "grey zone".
A great example: the winning illustration for the contest, and the actual illustration when the Onaho Fairy special edition was released:

Western countries, in general, don't require any censorship, as long as the content is not made available to underage people. Almost all countries (including Japan) introduced strong laws against pedopornographic content. That's good. But: depending on countries, things are ruled or judged as being pedoporn or not, the tricky point being fantasy, fictional and computer-generated content (where no child is actually being harmed; the point being if such content "creates pedophilia" or is neutral).

As of today, in the USA and Canada, it may raise suspicions, occasionally being censored or held for "obscene content". In Europe, there's less tolerance: I know in France there was a judgment years ago that ruled that you may not sell such content, even fictional. So doing business is ruled out. What about detaining such content ? I guess it's like in the USA: may raise suspicions about being a pedophile or whatever childkiller, since people in general aren't even aware onaholes exist (imagine the eyPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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ID: e3c70 No. 20 [Reply]

Yes future, you're wonderfull! I just saw this, so sorry if I'm slowpoke, but I didn't knew about this model. What do you think guys, should more dakis like this be made? Also are there any chances to have a better experience with a onahole? I'm not sure if it will be more comfortable or less…

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ID: c7171 No.256

This seems like something you could do on your own with a normal dakimakura even if you're not all that skilled with embroidery.

ID: a4431 No.259

File: 1402583934822.jpg (742.32 KB, 700x3200, xiangxi2.jpg, io e g t)

Leg-separate type Dakimakura is selling here.
This pillow seems can ship to the whole world.

File: 1402492600303.jpg (271.45 KB, 640x1920, out.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 50ccf No. 258 [Reply]

Sent to me for free by NLS, that's also thanks to you guys, who buy from them :)

- Ag+ lotion
- Kuma Buru

File: 1380305368210.png (190.62 KB, 604x683, 1.png, io g t)

ID: c13b7 No. 117 [Reply]

Doggystyle, after missionary, cowgirl and lotus.

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ID: c13b7 No.144

You know what they say: "pic or it didn't happen" :)

ID: 9bf01 No.255

File: 1402072833581.jpeg (299.89 KB, 768x1024, IMGA0771.jpeg, io g t)

My sister Usahane air.

File: 1397212939100.jpg (30.86 KB, 540x400, cute-schoolgirl-smell-arom….jpg, io e g t)

ID: cd852 No. 236 [Reply]

I'm curious if anyone here knows about any blogs which review either used panty type products [like http://www.kanojotoys.com/cute-japanese-schoolgirl-smell-panties-p-1837.html] or fetish items dealing with scents [like http://www.kanojotoys.com/japanese-schoolgirl-real-pussy-smell-bottle-p-1286.html]?

Or even if someone here has tried one and has a review of it?

ID: a1756 No.237

File: 1397219955648.jpg (13.86 KB, 300x225, Moe-Perfume-A-little-Siste….jpg, io e g t)

I got two scents from Tamatoys:

Really, I don't know how to review them. It's just.. weird and chemical. Maybe it hadn't any particular effect on me because I don't have this kind of fetish.

If you're specialized into scents, feel free to post your opinion :)

ID: f1415 No.254

I've been wondering a lot about the scents. I mean, everyone smells differently down there so what is this generic scent?

I've been thinking about buying it just out of curiosity but damn… they are pricey. I could grab another onahole with the price of some scents.

File: 1400398427415.jpg (468.75 KB, 737x1000, 1393310296539.jpg, io e g t)

ID: ab93b No. 242 [Reply]

Really new to the whole onahole thing. Never owned one, really want. I have one already in mind, but a bit of a problem. I live with other people, and I don't really want to broadcast my wanking habits to them.
Lubed up, do most onaholes make much noise?
Pic unrelated, btw
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ID: 7800c No.249

Well, when I started with onaholes, I had people in the house 24/7. I found a way to get to the bathroom without anybody seeing anything suspicios in me, I just put the onahole in between my legs inside the pants, and walked slowly to the bathroom, cleaned it, and you need a towell just for yourself there too. As for the noise, if the people who you live with have a light sleep, you could get the risk of getting heard. I'd recommend the secret twin tales onaholes, since they do not make as much noise. I'm using the secret twin tales 2 and it's quite silent.

ID: fda68 No.253

Uhh if I were to tell you how onahole sounds (without squeezing the air out), take a sip of water and blow your cheeks as fast as you normally stroke. Let the waters pass through the teeth as you blow your cheeks. At least thats how two of mine sounds like :P

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