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File: 1400606458073.jpg (217.53 KB, 590x952, 1_1397019540_m_b3Brw.jpg, io e g t)

ID: d9136 No. 244 [Reply]

Ok, I'm not in the mood of making a review. Today I got my package from NLS, with my new toy, J-Hole! Ryo Saiya!, that samurai onahole
Looking at the pictures I thought that is is gonna be fantastic, a tight onahole in which you can regulate the tightness, that sounds great! …… if you're a fuckin' 5 year old! What the hell is this shit, with the black thingy on it, I could not even stick my dick inside it! Like seriously, how small my penis has to be, and, by the way, I have a small penis, I think around 12cm, here a pic:
I don't know… I might add that I lost my boner from time to time, I was not way too much into the mood to fap, the porn I was watching was crappy, and I did not get 100% hard, but that's bullshit, all my onaholes got me hard in the midway if I wasn't at max at the beginning, but with this one you cannot stick it inside if your dick is not hard enough to break diamonds. And with the red thingy it gets as twice as tight! I put my middle finger inside it, then with the red thing I got it to max tightness, and the onahole would not fall of my finger, even if I tried to throw it, is THAT tight. So in mid-fail-fap, I tried without the black thing, and still could not do much. The inside is very hard, and I cannot feel the ribs. Then I switched to my Secret Twin Tales 2 onahole, which is my softest one, and wow, I could not feel it at all, the change was so big… I don't know, I'll try it once again when I'm very hard without the black thing, but I don't think it will work… what a fuckin' waste of money… fuck.
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ID: bcb44 No.247

"thicker than the thumb finger"

Or maybe for young teenage boys ? Seems like that onahole needs some fighting, as it's box suggests ^^

Can you make a pic when you spread the entrance with your fingers or something ? :)

ID: 51a4a No.250

onaholes are supposed to be used by adults… and lol, that was funny.
I could not get the good camera right now, and I'd need 3 hands to spread it with my fingers and take the photo :P
By doing that, it feels like it is gonna crush my figners, it is like a very firm and strong hand shake.
Hmm… I wonder, if I rip the inner layer, like cut it out form the onahole.. would the onahole be usable? Sure not a great structure, but better than fuckin nothing >:/
I could make a video too "Fixing the shitty ryo saiya onahole tutorial"

File: 1396693754397.jpg (224.42 KB, 640x1920, out.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 63734 No. 235 [Reply]

Tomoko found a new home :)

(Ixu's Deviance is a sister-shop of Dakimakura Harem, where you can find official figures, dakimakuras, goodies, .. http://www.ixudeviance.com/ )

File: 1391739245976.png (273.05 KB, 614x1110, out1.png, io g t)

ID: 39609 No. 180 [Reply]

I've got something from J-List ! :)

Long-sleeve seifuku !
My oh my: top's a bit too short, and I definitively need to loose some fat on my waist for the skirt. Long story short: I need to become a 16-year old Japanese schoolgirl instead of a standard-sized gaijin.

>implying I ever show myself in public wearing a seifuku

ID: 39609 No.182

File: 1391810422758.png (243.95 KB, 865x640, out1.png, io g t)

Hello !

File: 1389982551658.jpg (14.01 KB, 251x201, téléchargement.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 45f63 No. 170 [Reply]

I just tried my first sextoy Japanese (excluding tenga cup).
My god, this is the "julia plus" This is so much better than western shit!

ID: 45f63 No.178

Haha, I had a similar "revelation" as well after I bought my first one.

File: 1390682238811.jpg (220.32 KB, 1024x1848, pic.jpg, io e g t)

ID: f31e4 No. 171 [Reply]

(wow, already 20)

Ladies and Gentlemen, for the first time ever, I did receive an order from NLS who doesn't include a single onahole ! Here the crazy content:

- knee socks (1 pair black, 1 pair blue-white stripes)
- cosplay seifuku (schoolgirl uniform)
- cosplay sukumizu (schoolgirl swimming suit)
- "penis aprons"
- onahole warmer (the new series)
- little buttplug
- "penis hat" with vibrators
- lubes (Peace's, Finish & Sleep standard, and Rends)

Finally I've got to fulfill my curiosity :) More pics following.
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ID: f31e4 No.176

Is that a normal sukumizu or an otokonoko one? Does it open between the top of the crotch and the waist?

ID: f31e4 No.177

Otokonoko :) And no it doesn't open.

File: 1388187608634.gif (61.64 KB, 601x569, 1386199555237.gif, io g t)

ID: fc5ea No. 161 [Reply]

Got this on 4chan. I give it a try.
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ID: fc5ea No.164

I did find the soja lecithin in my standard mall, as "food complement".

Mixing 2 teaspoons in yogurt.

In fact, there's some effect. Idk, I felt my cum be more viscous (that's why: need drinking a lot). About the volume of cum: mmh yeah maybe more than usual. Not easy to find out when it ends all mixed with lube in the onahole ;)

ID: fc5ea No.175

I tried this, didn't really work. I've seen other "recipes" with Pygeum. This seems promising but it's hard to get hold of.

File: 1374182039021.jpg (20.02 KB, 854x480, vlcsnap-00001.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 05699 No. 22 [Reply]

ID: 05699 No.167

I wouldn't go there dude

File: 1380307236910.jpg (1.04 MB, 2592x3888, NLS-order.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 4ad16 No. 118 [Reply]

This is my first order from NLS =P

6996 JPY + Shipping

What I ordered:
-3 Cans (for hiding stuff in)
-1 Large all purpose bag
-1 Nekokko Shokonyan Onaho
-1 ToysHeart First Day of School (as a backup)
-1 Onaho Pump Cleaner
-1 USB Warmer (the purple bag in the bottom right)
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ID: 4ad16 No.143

Waaa! ;_; I need a Onaho Pump Cleaner…
My roommate gets so angry when I borrow his onahole and don't clean it…

ID: 4ad16 No.166

um dude what … is sharing onaholes a somewhat normal thing …

File: 1388151904895.png (78.69 KB, 255x192, 1387104318679.png, io g t)

ID: 5b87f No. 160 [Reply]

Hi, I've found out that in 2014 SAL is not available for certain countries like Germany anymore. So be careful ordering something now from en-nls using e-packet shipping. Has somebody more information about this and explain me f..king why is not possible anymore? En_nls just send my packet to japan post and hopefully I can still get my sugar in time and don't have to use DHL in the future.
This is the source I have found and is purely speculation.
Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/AnimeFigures/comments/1sm4sx/amiami_to_stop_sal_registered_as_a_shipping/

ID: 5b87f No.162

Well if that is true we can only hope this only affects some Distributers (excluding nls) or that e-packet does not count as SAL.

But you should not worry about your order. In case NLS actually has to stop using epacket for german deliveries they will tell you in advance. Items shipped should always arrive disregarding such regulations which should not take effect before the supplier knows about it and changes it in their system.

File: 1387104318679.jpg (706.79 KB, 1600x1200, 234015.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 1f7cd No. 157 [Reply]

Hello my first order was via DHL and luckily the custom office haven't made any problems for missing shipping costs declaration and charged only for the products. (I've payed the delivery man) Now I want to order via epacket and want to ask who has some experience in shipping to Germany. Who will deliver the packet to my doorstep and who is going to do the custom declaration?

ID: 1f7cd No.159

Hi, I posted something about that in the advice forum. So I ordered from NLS via epacket and it arrived pretty quick at german customs. I got a note from DHL (seems like epacket is handeled by them aswell if NLS did not mix things up and sent it with the wrong company) to pick it up at my local customs office. Had to pay the 19% Tax and open the package to "confirm the contents" though it was already checked by airport import customs. No other issues with the products. Also check out the discussion in /a/ if anything is unclear.

Wünsche schonmal ein frohes Fest!

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