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File: 1427044676484.png (31.7 KB, 1305x228, 1.png, io g t)

ID: 8c2d4 No. 440 [Reply]

Someone sent me that. I think it's clear that Tumblr sees lolicon/shotacon artwork as child pornography and bans without court order (their headquarters are in NYC).

Take note when you post borderline content there :)

File: 1426932188201.jpg (56.82 KB, 800x1200, 3.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 26343 No. 439 [Reply]

Serious oppai this time !
- R20 Puni
- Maid in fella
- Caution rotation hole

File: 1426301934828.png (117.88 KB, 394x394, OsaJh4FEeus.png, io g t)

ID: 8e6ea No. 438 [Reply]


I will introduce my cute pet.

Name in the gold fish called ping-pong Pearl I say "Ponsuke".

You can see in youtube.

Do you think the "Ponsuke" cute?

File: 1425504028974.jpg (699.91 KB, 2560x1920, 005.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 983ff No. 427 [Reply]

Wanted to get Rina too, but just did not have the money left for it.

Guess it'll be my next purchase, along with Eroman. That is, assuming this is all worth it in the first place :X

Other things to note for prospective first time buyers: USA, DHL shipping, packages obviously intact,one of my items was backordered so everything arrived within 4 days ordering
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ID: 0d2d4 No.436

No problem! Keep in mind that this is just anecdotal, so there's no guarantee that packages won't be inspected; indeed, I'd probably think twice about ordering something with explicit loli nudity without asking NLS to remove the packaging. Other than that, though, I figure I don't really stand to lose anything even if the package is inspected (sex toys aren't illegal after all), so I'm fine with e-Packet if it saves me a few bucks on shipping.

I have a Mouth of Truth coming soon, so if that package gets inspected I'll post here again about it.

ID: e4009 No.437


True, have to take it all with a grain of salt as the saying goes.

Cool, hope you like it! Mine's nice though the cleaning can be difficult heh. My Wonder Ring Poco Pen is easier to clean than my Mouth of Truth if I don't use the anal canal on it haha.

File: 1424815566270.jpg (4.95 MB, 4128x2322, dissapointment #1.jpg, io e g t)

ID: de352 No. 417 [Reply]

Time for a guessing game!
I recently decided that it would be fun to order two mystery onaholes from NLS provided in Tamatoy's "Onaho Market". Not going to lie, I thought I was going to get a great deal from it, but that's a story for a different time. The issue at hand today is the identities of these onaholes. I've already spent an hour searching NLS for them but my efforts have turned up nothing.

tl;dr, what are the names of these onaholes?
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ID: b14b7 No.426

Hmm, I have no idea, in that case. I guess your best shot might just be searching NLS' list (maybe look for inexpensive onaholes, or look in the "anal" category or something).

ID: 379f0 No.433

I think I might have found the identity of the pinkish onahole there. It's called Sweet Pepper, according to Kanojotoys's translation. It's from Tamatoys, and from the price of it, it seems to be in the range of low-end to average. Here's a link to the onahole:


File: 1421082208436.jpg (218.17 KB, 1047x1985, a.jpg, io e g t)

ID: cec80 No. 380 [Reply]

"Someday maybe" was the reply I gave when got asked if I plan on getting a large masturbator. Now thanks to the awesome guys at NLS, it became reality…

"Without the packaging please", and NLS removed the controversial packaging. Shipped safe and sound after a round trip in Hong-Kong and Germany, that's not unusual. And of course, like so often with EMS: customs check.

The nice people guarding our borders against nasty things took it from the batch, read the invoice, turn it around, take a knife and open it properly, took a look inside (and maybe get it sniffed by a drug-dog), find out it's legal stuff, close it with brown tape and paste a "opened by customs" sticker on the box.

Things got sour afterwards: delivery man was 5 HOURS LATE, coming right when I was busy masturbating, leaving the freaking box to my neighbors (who luckily didn't open it, hell if I wasn't there picking it up 5 minutes later maybe they would have denied receiving anything, keeping my stuff for themselves… those oldies).

At the end of the day and after finding enough free space in my -overloaded- sextoy-cupboard n°2, I'm the happy owner of a Puni Hole DX Hard. https://en-nls.com/pict1-39684
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ID: cec80 No.414


Well yes the ass is gripable.. but the "lips" are not hard like the MoT teeth, they are… a bit like Love Girl but less tight.

Actually, closing the flush hole has little effect since the pussy and ass holes join inside: if you'd want to try making a vacuum you'd need to close both the flush hole and ass hole (considering you're fucking the puss hole). And also you'd need to press the whole onahip to try squeezing the air out first. I don't think it's possible ^^ Onahip with better suction capacity would be Cocolo, but not having a flush hole makes the deep cleaning -really hard-.

Plugging something in the flush hole can make sense though, something like a bullet vibrator: while providing nice extra feeling, it also blocks cum from bubbling out of the hole if you come buckets like I did yesterday.

ID: 6af8c No.416


Ah ok cool. So long as they aren't like the teeth form 'Mouth of Truth'. Sad to say i'm extremely soft skinned apparently and the teeth on that thing have actually left me with some light bruising…

Ah, yea didn't think about a bullet vibrator. Get one of those three is one types and could stick one in each unused hole. Just not sure if those would be large enough to 'plug' the hole since form what I have seen in photos of them the holes seemed kind of large. Plus if they stretch out from cleaning and such it may not work so well? Why I figured the 'tail buttplug' would work well. Something like this http://www.queencatadulttoys.com/cat-tail-anal-plug/ or one with a vibrator? large enough to 'fill' the hole and possibly add to the feeling. Could use it in either hole really. Wasn't really looking for the suction as I figured it would be non existent with the open end it has. Mainly was just looking to prevent the lube and mess from leaking out form the other holes while in use. Kind of wish the makers had the forethought to add some kind of 'plug' accessory or attachment that would come with it. It as fairly expensive after all hehe.

Yea, the Cocolo would work better for the vacuum probably. More of a pain for the cleaning though but i don't think it'd be to bad compared to the 'Mouth of Truth' with it's tongue and teeth. So kind of a toss up. The DX has a wider hip base though doesn't it? Or even the Twins Panic? Was looking at that and saw that you seemed to like that a lot.

have only had one 'true' onahole and that's the 'Mouth of Truth' so only have it to use as a comparison. Been debating between a just a single hole or a hip type set up. True could get 3 maybe even 4-5 single holes for the price of the DX and Cocolo but the weight and feel of the hips is a really nice idea if it works heh.

Thanks for taking the time to reply by the way!

File: 1423091414570.jpeg (427.98 KB, 875x1000, 4729455b9af4911f3b1f400c7….jpeg, io g t)

ID: 59c9e No. 393 [Reply]

just a test
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ID: ee429 No.408

File: 1424015545340.png (951.82 KB, 849x1200, 38195781_p0.png, io g t)

Just a quick question, where do you find those images? o.O I'd love it if you could share XD

ID: 59c9e No.409

File: 1374803460295.jpg (122.78 KB, 1280x800, snap0001_20130722235205.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 4feed No. 28 [Reply]

Okay… okay… I should first calm do-OH MY FUCKIN' GOD I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!! OH GOD YES! YES! *ahem*.. so, you've probably heard already about the onahole with sensors which comes out with a software, right? The first one was
USB Ona Hole & 3D Custom Girl, and then a probably better version, Custom Maid 3D came out. I've been researching a bit, and there is even an english patch, mods, models from animes, just perfect to have sex with a anime character. But then, this new innovative thingy for 3D gaming, Oculus Rift, gets integrated with CM3D!!! Now you can really be there, I'm SOOOOO hyped about this.. I'm totally gonna buy it. What do you think guys?

Source: http://visualnovelaer.fuwanovel.org/2013/07/custom-maid-3d-now-supports-oculus-rift-virtual-reality-eroge-for-reals/
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ID: bc0c5 No.234

Great progress so far, wonder if we'll be able to develop NerveGear in this century. That would definitely make for top quality fapping.

ID: 14705 No.402

If you guys aren't checking this page, you should!

Soon all your fantasies will be realized…

File: 1421837492566.jpg (137.24 KB, 600x927, 0.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 2344a No. 389 [Reply]

Not 1, not 2, but 3 packets from Japan ! I really REALLY had trouble to store all the stuff away.

- Twins Panic
- Smoking Phantom
- Maiden

- …. aaaand some fun extras :)

ID: 9ac52 No.390

Wow wow wow… you got the twins onahole? Awesome!! Can't wait for a review :D
And you got that maiden, what else? Give some links if you can.

File: 1421470272808.jpg (58.33 KB, 500x500, 51zANbA rPL.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 44706 No. 385 [Reply]

Hello all! Looking on Amazon (US) I found a version of the JU-C PUTI 2 that was special made for the Tentacle and Witches h-anime. I liked the show, and the character it represents is a Tsundere :3 Plus it comes with a drama CD (no doubt very lewd) and a microfiber towel thing


My issue is with the description: "Ju-C PUTI Futaba Lilly Ramses special version of super beautiful microfiber towel was set only now only newly written drama CD & The Lily correspondence! Onaho can not get [Adult]"

The part at the end almost makes it sound like this doesn't actually come with the Onahole. In addition, the seller appears to have a separate listing for just the Onahole: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ESVRT3S/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1H1ZJ7OE1XT6R

Anyone care to share their thoughts on whether they think it actually comes with it, or is it just poorer than normal translation?

Additionally, I found a japanese listing for the same product:
http://www.amazon.co.jp/Ju-C-PUTI-%E3%82%B8%E3%83%A5%E3%83%BC%E3%82%B7%E3%83%BC%E3%83%97%E3%83%81-%E5%8F%8C%E8%91%89%E3%83%BB%E3%83%AA%E3%83%AA%E3%83%BC%E3%83%BB%E3%83%A9%E3%83%A0%E3%82%BB%E3%82%B9-%E9%8C%B2%E3%82%8A%E4%B8%8B%E3%82%8D%E3%81%97%E7%89%Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

ID: 1335e No.387

There are actually 3 versions of this product.




Note that the "masturbation aid compatible drama CD & microfiber towel" are not actually included in the deluxe version.

ID: 44706 No.388

Whoa, awesome, thanks for the somewhat reputable sources there!
I did know about the DVD box set as well, best hentai box set eva.

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