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ID: bcd5c No. 158 [Reply]

Hey guys :)

So, as you may already know: I'm very transparent. I'm not paid, I'm not making money, and if I get gifts, I tell that's a gift and not something I bought.

A couple of times, I helped ToysHeart for their website translation in English (basically checking if the translation was correct, or giving a better translation based on what I know in Japanese and the usual English "commercial language").

So, I got these as gift from them :)
- Eroman
- Virgin Age ~ Admission
- Virgin Age ~ Graduation

As any other onahole, they'll get reviewed the same during January ^^

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ID: 17b76 No. 149 [Reply]

Oh dear. More and more people reading my blog…
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ID: 17b76 No.155

File: 1385977900324.png (7.88 KB, 494x250, index.png, io g t)

In local time, most people visit in the late evening.

ID: 17b76 No.156

File: 1385978208869.png (111.58 KB, 1484x694, 1.png, io g t)

Still, interestingly low visit duration for 1-page visits: many people find out my blog by "accident", while looking for something else ?

By contrast, some people spend up to an hour reading dozens of posts !

That's all folks, thanks for your reading :)

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ID: 7b692 No. 146 [Reply]

New girl to sleep with me.

Non-otaku version of Kuroki Tomoko (Watamote), modified 2way tricot made in Japan. Can't wait for tonight <3

File: 1383005471791.png (14.65 KB, 675x649, nls order 1.png, io g t)

ID: f8c13 No. 134 [Reply]

Finally placed my first big order from NLS. 12000JPY + Shipping. After finding this forum i was wondering if i should have removed the box from the first three onaholes. Dont want to get into trouble with customs. So my question is, living in Germany how big of a chance is there for my stuff to be seized by customs?
Also what do you guys put there in the items field? Figures? Books?
Afaik NLS puts gift baby toys or something in there.
Also, how fast is DHL including customs inspections?
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ID: f8c13 No.137

Hmm guess i should not have been greedy about shipping time. Thanks for the info, will keep it in mind for future orders.

Keeping fingers crossed!

ID: f8c13 No.140

wow wow wow… 92€ items,and 54€ shipping? Also DHL?? Oh my god.. you're gonna get such a big custom fee, I cannot even express how much it will hurt.. there is a formula to calculate it, but I'd estimate 50€ or so. A tip, at least for Spain, keep your orders to 60€, max 65€ WITH the shipping included, and check the weight (g) and see the best buying options for the cheapest shipping, I use e-Packet always. Takes 2 weeks, but it's 17€.

File: 1383428599370.jpg (102.79 KB, 498x356, 1.jpg, io e g t)

ID: bffdd No. 139 [Reply]

Please, give me my weekend back.

File: 1383045333026.png (209.4 KB, 653x1470, out.png, io g t)

ID: bf5e6 No. 136 [Reply]

Not much to say.

File: 1380350213447.jpg (7.69 KB, 290x218, only rated 70% Damn....jpg, io e g t)

ID: 24a74 No. 123 [Reply]

My Ona-holes:
Age series: Seven; The best I have,
Age series: Eleven; Good in a pinch,
Age series: Fifteen; MEH;
First day of school; Good.

BUT, after reading the reviews, I have been enjoying sub standard masturbation.

My question-should I buy this sites recommended Ona-holes?

Are they that much better?

It is a risk doing so, because Canada will prosecute sex items that appear under the age of 18:(
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ID: 24a74 No.127

I think you should, personally I'd always take dual-layered over single-layed onaholes. They just feel so much better, don't have any of yours, but I do have the 17 Bordeaux, My little sister can't be this tight, Fella Zoma and some other ones. Also have Tenga fliphole, flip air, FL Flight, and other Tengas, but they aren't very good (feeling wise). And as for the packaging,you can always message them and double check to make sure they've sent it without the boxart. Even if they forget to, It should be fine as long as no one opens it before you do.

ID: 24a74 No.128

@AhaiHebi LOL I can't believe I didn't recognize the name. Awesome board, and thank you for the reviews. You are the "best of the best, SIR!"

@ Anon-I may take your advise and purchase these items. Sadly it comes down to the 10% chance NLS leaves the packaging material in the delivery, and the 0.01% chance customs opens my delivery = JAIL.

But, Anon may be right, it may be worth the risk for me. Or to quote Trevor from GTA V "I don't gotta big penis." Sadly, Loli ona-holes need to be my preference…. (plus they are cute!)

To bad the packaging is illegal here :(

File: 1379753815829.png (663.94 KB, 500x1125, 1.png, io g t)

ID: 072c9 No. 107 [Reply]

So I was checking daily the tracking system and I saw this parcel was one of the first to hit ground (September 14th), yet I only got it this morning.

Red tuct tape, you know that it means. Yes, customs.
Even if the shipping was JPSP and not EMS, even if the value is only 70 €, they still give a fuck and asked me for VAT+tax: 26 €.

Well, aside this little hiccup, this order is pure epicness.

- R-1 starter set
- R-1 A10 cyclone
- Chu! 3 and 4
- Hot! Girl
- Moe perfume #1
- Holly Water of High School Student (lol)

You see what I did, combined with the 2 previous orders: I made it fly above 120 $ with maximal "low weight high price" to participate in the free R-1 starter set campaign ( http://en-nls.com/page_r1campaign130904.php ) while asking to ship all this in separate JPSP shippings. I guess that paid off, with one EMS the customs would have asked much more.
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ID: 072c9 No.115

So my package finally came! but sadly my kirino has a defect =(. Gonn msg NLS about it

ID: 072c9 No.116

Congratz, sucks that you got 1 with a defect. I usually don't bother with returns unless its a serious problem. Also expecting mines to come in tomorrow. ><

File: 1379324611833.png (216.29 KB, 816x1657, out.png, io g t)

ID: 693e7 No. 93 [Reply]

Freshly delivered from Japan :)

-Secret Twin Tales 2 (Nina Momozono)
-Super Soft Declation! -Fuwarin-

Not opened yet, I'm waiting for more. Hehehe.
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ID: 693e7 No.105

Of course in court you could defend yourself against these kind of seizures, but that would mean more trouble for you (you'll be even more suspected of dirty things and whatnot).

If the problem is only the packaging, well yeah the simplest solution is to have NLS allow "bulk shipping" (no box, or even only the onahole itself if the lube bag is illustrated like Magic Eyes or Tamatoys).

I'll suggest this to them :)

ID: 693e7 No.106

My most recent order I request nls to remove some packaging for a few toys so hopefully it doesn't run into any trouble as it is currently in customs for a few days

File: 1379664190078.png (775.17 KB, 500x1125, out.png, io g t)

ID: d7d53 No. 104 [Reply]


- Air Usahane (doll)
- Peace's lotion
- Ubu Ane
- Ona Plus NEXT Jakigan
- My Student

This weekend will be great <3

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