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File: 1415022465387.jpg (10.57 KB, 164x58, Capture.JPG, io e g t)

ID: af019 No. 349 [Reply]

I'm waiting my first NLS order and it's been 13 days since he arrived in my country (according to the tracking)and i don't have SHIT.
Should i be worried or…?
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ID: 400a5 No.362

With e-Packet La Poste doesn't provide tracking on local level. The question is whether they're processing it, or if the package still sits at customs. Give a call maybe to know if it was handed to La Poste yet ?


ID: 23d78 No.366

Order here and safe !
Happy ending :)

File: 1416745122529.png (1.48 MB, 1024x1618, B29hfcUIEAAKDy0.png:large.png, io g t)

ID: cdd1d No. 364 [Reply]

Moar lube and Chokyo Shojo Manami Sujiman onahole

File: 1415490558179.jpg (99.35 KB, 1487x518, Wii_Remote_cover.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 856cd No. 363 [Reply]

You know what I'm surprised to not have seen? A Wii Remote cover parody onahole

Random thought I just had to share

File: 1371489181930.png (33.24 KB, 240x240, 9f0886723b87ad2b04378d4b13….png, io g t)

ID: 641de No. 1 [Reply]

The first thread is mine ! :)
Let's see how things are going.
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ID: 641de No.17

They don't really dissapear ,it seem when i post they don't appear "right now" but a few hours later i don't know why <.<

ID: 641de No.18

Yes that's the server cache, because it's plain HTML, the server does some aggressive caching. I can't avoid it :(

I'll add a notice, so users don't have to wonder if their post isn't shown immediately (but in any case the post is successfully recorded).

File: 1413453072166.png (553.79 KB, 800x600, Screenshot 2014-08-25 15.0….png, io g t)

ID: 7983a No. 302 [Reply]

Does anybody want to draw mascot characters for the blog? I know I do! >w<)/
(Pic not really related, but I haven't drawn anything of my own yet. It's an event CG from a doujin game)
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ID: 7983a No.345

File: 1413928623066.png (1.84 MB, 1964x2398, popsicle-finalver.2.png, io g t)

ID: 5bc2f No.348

File: 1414349532080.png (5.89 KB, 474x629, 1.png, io g t)

The Milk and Cookie concept art has been totally approved by all involved parties :)
Once your tech issues are solved, we can start this new adventure !

File: 1402492385330.jpg (233.9 KB, 640x1321, out.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 43230 No. 257 [Reply]

Paid with the J-List commissions (see http://blog.onahole.eu/internet-decides-j-list-1.html#more-2317 )
It's an indirect gift from you all ! Many thanks guys, I'll take good care of Rinka :)
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ID: ebc03 No.346

What method are you using to clean this thing? Flushing it out or turning it inside out?

ID: 4423c No.347

Spreading open and flushing out while using fingers. Still ripping open.

Turning inside-out would ruin it faster !

File: 1411678352204.jpg (14.92 KB, 165x580, TMT294_1.jpg, io e g t)

ID: ab8c0 No. 293 [Reply]

I heard that using silicone-based lube (like this one) with silicone-based sextoys it's not a good idea because it can damage the toy and spread bacterias.

If it's impossible to be sure of what a sextoy is made the only option left is to use a non silicone-based toy ? :/
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ID: ab8c0 No.295

File: 1411688808216.jpg (42.95 KB, 367x580, TMT481_1.jpg, io e g t)

Okay, i've already make up my mind anyway but the opinion of a person of trust is never a waste ^^

Btw i used the word "sextoy" and no "onahole" because it's not a masturbator at all but an anal vibrator and i thought it wouldn't be wrong to ask something like that in /b/, i hope it's alright !

I buy these two this month and it should be here soon but i've learn the "problem" with silicone lube/material after so…i think it will be wiser to use a water-based lube than taking an unnecessary risk…

ID: f0fe4 No.341

If you're intent on using a certain silicon-based lube with a sex toy, you can do a "swatch test" - put a bit of the lube on a part of the toy you don't really care about, wait a while, and see if it gets tacky or gummy. If not, you're probably safe to use them together.

Otherwise, there are plenty of great water-based lubes out on the market (western, at least, I personally don't know much of the Japanese toy market atm) with tons of different consistencies. Silicon just tends to have more staying power, which is why it's usually marketed towards anal.

File: 1411727034138.jpg (206.74 KB, 1229x739, 0.jpg, io e g t)

ID: db452 No. 296 [Reply]

- Trick Girl
- Love Girl
- Girl's Notebook ~ Haruka Amano
- mandatory J-List tissues
- mandatory J-List megane

Delivered safe and sound :)

File: 1411468013732.png (160.12 KB, 1024x616, 11.png, io g t)

ID: a5e68 No. 292 [Reply]

- The Twisted Pussy
- Onaho Booster
- Her Small Mouth

This looks great :)

File: 1410636253532.jpg (18.97 KB, 474x247, 10653285_759796267421658_3….jpg, io e g t)

ID: dcf03 No. 288 [Reply]

U serious bruh? this looks like fukken 4chan. And 4chan is fucked by da police because of #TheFappening

I might try this out…

ID: 6f137 No.289

Tinyboard (the software these boards run on) is heavily inspired upon 4chan's custom Futaba Channel "2chan" based software.

Why did I choose Tinyboard with the default layout ? Because I know people are already comfortable in using 4chan or other Futaba-style boards. Timestamped messages around organized threads, anonymous by default, and ability to attach a picture.

A good tool when comments in the blog aren't enough :)

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