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ID: 3d5d2 No. 826 [Reply]

So my onahole adventure started when I went to Japan and bought a Tenga Deep Throat Cup. When I got back to my country, I researched the various products out there for a wider view of the market. I've since used multiple products by Magic Eyes; Mouth of Truth and Sujiman Kupa Lolinco. I was kind of underwhelmed by both. I've grown to like the Mouth of Truth more after using it a fair amount, and Lolinco less. Neither feels nearly as good as the Deep Throat Cup did.

I'm now looking for something that feels better. Here are some of the things I enjoyed about the Deep Throat Cup:
It was damn tight (I bought the original version, not the US model, and I really liked how it felt "too small" for me)
The suction was very good
It felt much squishier than either of the Magic Eyes holes I've used, and I liked that.

The trouble is that I don't want to buy more Tenga holes because the reusable ones are terribly overpriced and wacky, and I don't like the idea of disposable onaholes as a daily masturbation solution. After using two holes with no/lacking vacuum pressure, and one with great vacuum pressure, I've determined that suction is something I value in an onahole. The hard shell of the Tenga also really helped prevent the onahole's form from yielding and created a lot of resistance and great tightness. I find that the exterior layers of the Mouth of Truth and Lolinco are far too thin and malleable to allow the onahole to really squeeze my dick. So you could say I'm looking for an onahole that's soft and squishy on the inside, provides great suction, is super tight with some strong resistance, and squeezes down hard.

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ID: 541f2 No. 822 [Reply]

I decided to give a onahole a try, worst that can happen is I don't like and I will end up htrowing it out. This is the very first one and have never really looked into using one, so can you guys (or maybe gals) give me advice on using it, cleaning, keeping it smelling okay, etc.
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ID: 541f2 No.824

Thanks. Just one question, I've done a quick read and it doesn't actually say where I put the lube and how much? Do I lube my penis or do I put (for example) a teaspoons worth into the onahole, do I leave it at that or do I shake it?

ID: 0a70e No.825

It actually depends on the onahole. Most of the time, I simply put a drop on the tip of my penis, and a little bit less than a teaspoon-worth at the entrance of the onahole.

After a few slow in-out, the lube should properly cover the inner walls and allow the fun :)

File: 1440518417064.jpg (44.85 KB, 290x218, 1_1240912139_1_0401.jpg, io e g t)

ID: f7170 No. 821 [Reply]

Which one is more pleasurable, R20 or R20 PUNI? What about suction? Also don't know which size is better for me(6,6 inches long).

File: 1440422664922.jpg (170.17 KB, 938x995, 20150824_181326_HDR~01~01.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 5f248 No. 817 [Reply]

In akiba now.
Which 2 should I buy?
La bocca/lolinco/admission/Daisuki hold?
They're all solid choices.
Also, both M's and Merci doesn't have the onahole storage/drying bag, anyone knows where to get them?

ID: f6552 No.820

Actually too solid, I wouldn't rule out any :) Toss a coin maybe !

File: 1438730286268.jpg (27.22 KB, 290x290, 1_1422418538_1_tVC4u.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 5bd64 No. 802 [Reply]

Long time Puni Ana DX user here, looking for advice on the Puni or possibly an upgrade.

I've had my Puni for over a year and have fucked her silly almost nightly. What I loved about the Puni though was that it was good for nearly every position, and it LOOKED really good. I also really loved that it had an exit hole which allowed me to reach into the other end and really give it a good scrub when cleaning.

However, I think the material might just be a bit too firm, and a bit too tight. Because sometimes, my dick would get sore and the skin would have small tears after a prolonged session. Is there anything I can do to fix this? In case it matters, my current lube is Peace's and I've tried it as is, as well as watered down. I have also tried spraying water onto my dick to re-activate but with the same results.

I've done a bit of shopping around and based on onaho.net, it appears Sultry Namagoshi has softer material, is looser than the Puni. I get the feeling this is a potential solution to my problem, if nothing else works.

However, one huge thing bothers me: no exit hole. It also has a "womb" kinda thing at the end so how the hell are you supposed to clean that?

ID: 73ad8 No.803

It's too loose, don't buy it. For a realistic hip, buy The Athlete. It looks like the Kiwami, but the Kiwami is loose like the Namagoshi. The Athlete is tight like the Puni Dx. This is most suitably for those preferring a high quality and simulating vaginal hole.

ID: d1e22 No.819

Athlete is 350€ at NLS, you can buy a Meiki Plush 2.0 and a high class onahole for that price.

File: 1440397232697.jpg (69.09 KB, 682x684, 1397345615244.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 1b59e No. 815 [Reply]

Live in Norway so im wondering about shipping costs as well.
Also any recomendations? I have some experience with a mouth masturbator that was on sale. Getting a hole in that one tho. 15 cm size, so im worried about the ones i see that says 13 cm inside.
TLDR: Shipping costs. First onahole recomendations. Thanks!

ID: b6bfc No.816

Oh size is not a major issue usually, onaholes are stretchable and you don't have to go balls-deep inside to enjoy :)

To Europe shipping is quite costy, but the most expensive is South America. You way want to choose ePacket (SAL) shipping if you don't mind waiting 2-6 weeks until delivery. With EMS shipping, the shipping costs amount almost as much as the actual products.

Buying from shop inside Europe makes not really sense, costs with Omochadreams are like SAL shipping from Japan (WTF ?!). Unless you buy 150 € worth of stuff on Omochadreams to have free shipping. On MotsuToys shipping to Norway is a wallet rape. Because of customs taxes ? Oh come on, join the EU already ! :D

For a beginner choose 2 or 3 different onaholes with different internal structures, so you can find out what you like the most :) Onaholes made by ToysHeart, G-Project/PPP and Magic Eyes are usually great choice so have a look at their stuff !

ID: 1b59e No.818

Thanks! very informative answer.
Waiting is not an issue so i will see how SAL shipping goes. I will make my first purchase next week after payday!.
Thanks again for great reply.

File: 1438617461328.jpg (157.82 KB, 1000x750, f8n0HTB.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 2d369 No. 800 [Reply]

Hey guys, getting my first onahole soonish. What's the best brand of powder? I don't really care if it's talcum or cornstarch, I just want it to smell nice. :3

ID: a675b No.814

I use cornstarch and would honestly advise using baby powder.

File: 1430241091837.jpg (12.05 KB, 667x128, Untitled-1.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 681d6 No. 701 [Reply]

This is my first time ordering an onahole. Unfortunately, it looks like I will not be getting it unless I'm misunderstanding it. I have no idea what are customs procedures, but I'm assuming they basically said no and returned it.

The product in question is Virgin Age Admission. I ordered from NLS since it was strangely cheaper to buy it from them in Japan than to buy it from Queen Cat… I figured it wouldn't be a problem since Queen Cat sells the same exact product here.

I've already sent an inquiry about to NLS.

ID: 50f01 No.813

Have you received your order? I am facing the same issue and would like to know about your experience.

File: 1439977174074.jpg (218.31 KB, 1280x1024, Hentai (240).jpg, io e g t)

ID: f7859 No. 812 [Reply]

Hey guys, I'm new to this and don't know which onahole should I make my first. I'm looking for one with good stimulation, durability and easy cleaning(in short the ideal one, lol), preferably not exceeding 30 usd. I have my eyes on R-20 PUNI, but I'm full of doubts. I'm tiny little bit over 16 cm long. Thanks

File: 1439277587317.jpg (249.19 KB, 1332x1154, 5f28814ff6470095359fbf7878….JPG, io e g t)

ID: ee970 No. 805 [Reply]

Based on Touchan's Guide,

Saving Money with NLS and conversion rates:
1) Go to cart settings on checkout
2) Select Japanese Yen for currency
3) Watch prices drop
4) Click other conversion options on Paypal
5) Don't Use Paypal's conversion unless your bank gives you a bad rate.

How exactly does this work?
I go to paypal's manage currencies and convert usd to japanese yen?
And how can I do this with a debit card?
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ID: 6d709 No.808

If your bank account can, yes.

ID: b2b66 No.811

If you undo a transaction, PayPal does not simply undo it. They charge you for currency conversion twice!

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