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File: 1431052886011.jpg (663.76 KB, 590x864, 1_1300859014_m_s2ovn.jpg, io e g t)

ID: a439e No. 717 [Reply]

Hi everyone,

I recently ordered the 'My younger sister can't be this tight (Kirino)' and 'My younger sister's friend can't be this tight (Ayase)' Onaholes from NLS.

However, I didn't tell NLS to get rid of the packaging, and I have heard that lolicon is illegal in Australia.

I'm not sure what I should do now as NLS have already shipped the package and I'm not sure if the law will deem the packaging of these onaholes 'lolicon'.

Any advice would be very appreciated.

ID: 786d8 No.718

Who did you send it with?

I've ordered from NLS to AU a few times, each with at least one box that would've caused issues (a few that are I suppose a bit worse than the Kirino/Ayase holes (got both from my last purchase). You should be fine if the customs declaration is figurines or such.

Though when you get the holes you might wish to dispose of the boxes or store them in a vault or something similar to be safe….

ID: 786d8 No.719

I should add onto >>718 that there's a very slim (but still likely) chance it'll get searched if the customs declaration doesn't have "sex toys" on it, nothing in the box looks like human anatomy on a scanner, and the customs value equals under $1000 AUD.

File: 1429564898153.jpg (66.99 KB, 640x480, tumblr_mlr9wdXqjJ1sowb5vo1….jpg, io e g t)

ID: 55f3e No. 694 [Reply]

How long is a lubes expiration date?
I have couple of tenga lubes that are 4-5 months old.

ID: ab839 No.715

They do not expire as long as you keep it at a safe and comfortable temperature

File: 1430127512216.jpg (50.61 KB, 389x580, ADT683_1.jpg, io e g t)

ID: ddf3b No. 699 [Reply]

Hi, I ordered the "Daishuki Hold ~ Loving Girlfriend Onahole" from j-list the other day (it's currently on backorder to ship from Japan). Am I going to have any issues with customs? I've never ordered an onahole before, and I didn't see the warning on the blog post for this onahole about local laws. I live in Maryland.
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ID: ddf3b No.708

Good to know, thanks. :)

ID: ddf3b No.714

I got it today, no issues. :D

File: 1429735339482.jpg (1.61 MB, 1500x1274, e1227ad758ddb18ccac0da2ecd….jpg, io e g t)

ID: 4a7dd No. 696 [Reply]

So I got Open My Pussy Rina as my first beginner onahole a couple months ago. I then followed up by purchasing Virgin Age Admission and Mouth of Truth because they seemed to be must tries.

My favorite of the three is Mouth of Truth. The feeling of transitioning from the tongue to the back of the throat is simply mindblowing.
Next, I like Rina for her softness. Very comfortable with a bonus great suction. Unfortunately, whenever I try to dry her with cloth (microfiber ofc), small pieces get torn out.
VAAdmission is… tight. Too tight for me. It really does deserve to be called penis strangler. Personally not a fan.

I'm trying to find my next set of onaholes to buy. Admission is my only Toys Heart item at the moment, so I feel like I should buy another one of their items so I can better determine how much I like their stuff. Fan of Magic Eyes atm.

I'm considering Eroman or Vacuum Witch for the strong suction.
A few more Single Layer holes since again VAA is my only one.
Was considering Lolinco for popular Magic Eyes product, but VAA kinda shying me away from loli stuff. Rumors it's fragile?

Other than that, I'm not sure what I want to go for. If there are any other outliers (ie VAA/MoT) I'd definitely like to try them.
Maybe something from other companies as well?
All recommendations are welcome.

ID: 30319 No.711

File: 1430667000971.jpg (223.22 KB, 1642x1094, MoT, lolinco, Rina.JPG, io e g t)

– ignore dirt on holes in picture. Pain to clean the outside (see below)

– i wrote more than expected for a first post….. TL;DR: Lolinco is a pain to clean, but is durable enough for me. Tight but if you can get in Rina easily this'll be no problems. seriously recommended!

– Long version:

I haven't tried VA Admission (will be one of my next purchases) but if you can get in Rina and it's not too tight then its highly likely you'll be fine. It is larger, though feels a little tighter than Rina.They are both tight for me though, and I end up bottoming both out easily.

Lolinco is a damn good onahole, my favourite out of the 12 or so holes I have. I treat it quite roughly, especially when drying it out (I'm pedantic having my holes pretty much perfectly dry before going into storage). After rough usage ~5 times a week for a month, it's only showing major signs of damage recently. For me 20 rough uses is definitely worth it with this hole. YMMV.

Just note, The Magic Eyes toys I have seem to collect dirt on the outside that only likes being removed with soaps that are highly effective at removing grease from skin. (Read: Solvol liquid, be warned: could destroy toys. Only tried twice with no ill effects myself)

See pic for size comparison (lolinco in middle, MoT left and Rina right. Red toy bags are the medium ones, beige the small ones that NLS sell (great for organising lots of holes instead of putting them in one huge bag)

MoT, Lolinco, and Rina are in my top holes, others you may like are:
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ID: 8d467 No.713

I spent about a month reading about holes before actually buying anything. From the masses of information I saw the holes that were constantly mentioned over and over again and always recommend were -

Rina, Virgin Age, Mouth and Lolinco.

I haven't used a Lolinco but I'd recommend that based on what others have said - It's on my to buy list too along with mouth.

Lolinco seems like a hybrid toy - they took the body/torso-shaped outer design of Rina then gave it the same puffy shaped lips entrance of Roa so it's sort of like a mix between the two - it weighs as much as both combined, is thicker material than either of the others, is tighter and deeper too.

Lolinco seems like the best of both worlds with added improvements but it's a pain to dry it apparently.

File: 1429483334683.jpg (213.47 KB, 728x1240, 1423585348743.jpg, io e g t)

ID: e46b5 No. 690 [Reply]

Hi, I already own a few Fleshlight's and similar toys that give the experience of being with an adult woman/pornstar etc, all of which are generally deep and quite loose feeling.

I'm now looking for the opposite and want something very small, tight and child like so basically a Lolihole.

I'm worried however that my plan just simply isn't going to work very well as my penis is about 8.5 inches and all these toys are something like 4 inches deep.

Does anyone know of an Onahole that is both extremely tight but still also fairly deep, or perhaps short but durable enough to stretch without damaging it?

These are the ones I found by looking around that seem to be well reviewed, would any of these be ok for me?

Virgin Age -Admission-
Virgin Age -Graduation-
Open My Pussy! Rina
Open My Pussy! Roa
Open My Pussy! Lolinco
Onaho Fairy
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ID: 9a201 No.700

I bought two in the end. I got lucky and someone listed a bunch on Amazon UK for the proper (non hugely inflated price) with prime delivery.

The first was a Magic Eyes Rina and the second a Virgin Age from NLS which should arrive around May 5th.

Surprisingly the Rina isn't actually too small - if I'm fully inside of it it does poke the right hand end side out a little (it's weird how the inside of it seems to go off at a slight angle) but I can still be like 90% inside without the poking thing happening.

It doesn't really feel as great as I imagined to be honest, overall it feels pretty similar to the "Swallow" texture Fleshlight that I have, which is a moderately tight opening followed by a ribbed canal and finally super-tight end passage.

The Rina just feels like a slightly tight wave/ribbed pattern throughout with a little "walled" node at the very end with you can push past and feels quite nice - I think this is supposed to be a cervix or something? The overall suction of it is good though I must say.

I'm kinda seeing what other people said online though, about how the Magic Eyes toys/dual layer toys feel quite thin and not particularly sturdy. I feel like I could easily be too rough with the Rina and rip right through the thin walls and the opening will probably tear from being stretched.

I have a feeling the virgin age will be very durable and thick yet a fair few inches shorter overall, but probably much easier to clean and dry due to a more simple inner texture.

ID: e976e No.712

Wow, I would have added lube to my NLS order if I'd known in advance Parcelforce were going to rape me for £19 worth of customs charges.

Note to UK buyers using NLS, I picked EMS shipping, told them to mark the package as figure aka "default" and include the box on the VA:Admission. I was expecting something like £9 for customs if it actually happened but not £19.

This makes the final cost for the order practically the same as ordering direct from the overpriced online shops we already have in Europe like Wanta and Omochadreams.

File: 1430293402308.jpg (91.95 KB, 625x720, 1417725434552.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 1f450 No. 702 [Reply]

Hey, I've owned Open My Pussy - Rina for quite a while now, and although I literally cleared FapHero twice in a row with a chockhold hand grip, I still seem to blow my load way too quickly whilst using an onahole (average 3-5 minutes) Any tips for overall longer playtime?

ID: 73935 No.709

Just realize when you're about to cum, slow down, or stop. Wait a sec then keep going. Keep doing this, while focusing on lasting longer, and eventually you'll get better. Also, do go as fast when you masturbate. Take your time, go slow.

ID: 73935 No.710

meant to say "Don't go as fast***"

File: 1430380376892.jpg (387.96 KB, 900x1200, zVLgDHb.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 94702 No. 704 [Reply]

Do you accept reviews for products that have already been reviewed before? I purchased a Mouth of Truth some time ago, and it's the first onahole that I've felt has made me want to say something about it. I'm not really a connoisseur and don't have too many onaholes yet, but if anyone would find it useful to read a variety of perspectives, then I could write a few words on my experience with it.

ID: 260d9 No.705

Writing a review here in the boards ? Sure sure go ahead, it's it's purpose ^^ Alternatively, you can also publish your review on the forums (no need to register account) → https://forums.onahole.eu/viewforum.php?f=5

If you have other onaholes never reviewed before on the blog and you wanna make reviews, I can consider making you author :)

ID: 8117c No.706

Ah, all right. Perhaps I'll post one here sometime when I have time to write it up, then. Thanks!

File: 1428512366326.jpg (170.88 KB, 590x620, 1_1384328995_m_DT8lM.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 9331b No. 672 [Reply]

I like to know if there a safe way to warm a onahole without the USB warmer ?

I don't think so but i want to be sure.

ID: db1cf No.678

You can put it in warm (not very hot/boiling) water. The USB warmer is significantly more effective, though, in my opinion.

ID: 9dd2f No.703

put those plastic bag you get from supermarket, shove it in your onahole and pour water in it. so it doesn't get mixed with lube.

File: 1429964087495.jpg (5.6 KB, 254x68, 109327bc18.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 0e33c No. 697 [Reply]

So my package arrived but they screwed up the currency. They used euro instead of yen and now I've either got to pay 2600 and risk not even getting it back or lose the package and what I paid for it.

ID: 4685c No.698

Hi fellow /ona/nist :)
Contact customs and provide as proof the invoice from the shop. If it's not enough, then refuse the parcel so it gets returned to the shop, who will reimburse you your initial purchase.

Inform the shop of your issue beforehand.

File: 1427906606511.jpg (149.33 KB, 1024x768, kaitai1.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 36f5c No. 655 [Reply]

As promised, heres my review on Kaitai Shinshō!

First things first, this girl is BIG. Weighing in at a massive 2kg, she's easily 2 times the size of your hands. I was really surprised when I first saw the size of the box.
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ID: 4521e No.674

I got my Kaitai Shinshō this week and the "membrane layer" is already separating from the "gel layer" after only a few uses. If I try to use it the part where the clit is, is always pushed inside. It's really frustrating and I'm disappointed because this onahole is so expensive.

So did anyone notice something similar with theirs?

ID: c3c1a No.695

I bought a Kaitai Shinshō from NLS, ultra fast shipping but it also completely came apart inside at the opening, I thought it would have the same build quality as the Cocolo, which I had been diligently using for almost two months with no problems.
But with the Kaitai Shinshō, just two uses made the opening split and detach within to allow water/fluids to get inside between the bone and outer skin, which obviously makes it impossible to clean and dry.
It's ironic that they make one designed after a prepubescent girl and it can take it every way with no problems, but they make one modeled after a porn star and it disintegrates after two uses….

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