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ID: be33d No. 768 [Reply]

Caution: Tight Hole (by ToysHeart) Review


DON'T buy this hole.
Oh god, look they said "Caution" so I guess I can blame them. but good luck using this thing.

It is way too small. I'm an average (white) guy and the issue with this…

Well, to even get it on, you have to get a bit of lube in, then use your fingers to stretch it out. Then, hope you keep your erection as you try to fit it over your junk. If you manage to get it on, enjoy the sensation as it squeezes all the blood out of the head, thus actively attempting to make you flaccid. If you can manage to get some stroking going, you will most likely feel the same fear I did of bursting through the top like a chest burster. Only you don't get to meet Ridley Scott and Sigourney Weaver in the process.

AVOID THIS HOLE is my recommendation.

I give it 0 out of 16 fl oz of Mountain Dew.

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File: 1435386673538.jpg (449.56 KB, 590x865, 1_1418180091_m_ZXbxN.jpg, io e g t)

ID: cc431 No. 767 [Reply]

All right, It's time for another Patriotic review by the AMERICAN FAPPER, SEND IN THE EAGLES!

Double face is a unique onahole, but lemme cut straight to the chase - it has some pretty big flaws.
It's gimmick is a sort of split passageway, with a longer and smaller route from the same hole. Kind of like an ona with two holes. However, after about 3 uses, the smaller how broke - The material separating the smaller hole and the bigger hold gave way.

This unfortunately came about as a result of attempting to make use of the smaller hole in the way demonstrated by the box, which shows it stretching a quite bit - kind of like a tentacle bulge in Hentai. However, the material does not stretch properly (or perhaps I need a penis as hard as a geodude)

However, I want to state, I still really like it. I feel the giant booty it has really creates a nice effect smacking against your junk, adds another sensation. The hole itself has no suction, but a nice squeeze will provide a small clamp.
The hole I feel has a strong point in holding it so the ass is facing either away or towards you creates a different sensation.

If you plan on buying this for a stretchy gimmick - don't, that just doesn't work. If you plan on trying to use the smaller hole, try to be careful with it.
In addition, my penis unfortunately has a slight bend away from me. this made it difficult to actively decide which hole to enter, so if you have a similar issue, be warned, you may only be able to enter the smaller hole but flipping the ona a certain way.

I give it a 6 out of 10 for it's main gimmick failed me pretty hard. But I still really enjoy it.
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File: 1435132957983.png (1.09 MB, 1000x1000, tomafromamnesia Avatar.png, io g t)

ID: 470e8 No. 763 [Reply]

hello, i had a few questions(duh)

First: What are your suggestions for cleaning, and storing onaholes?

Second: Is it alright to use Ultra Mint Lotion, or Golden Lotion with the onahole;Age series: Seventeen Bordeaux or Virgin Age ~ Admission

The main reason for the second question is because theire is a warning on Ultra Mint lotion, and Golden Lotion has one similar Chemicals, thanks

File: 1435035774342.jpg (152.91 KB, 1151x1151, Erio touwa.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 2c9cb No. 759 [Reply]

Gonna be going on a 2 week trip to Tokyo, anyone know any good places to buy onaholes, H, other toys etc..?
I currently only know the incredibly popular Poplife department in Akiba .

ID: 4adb1 No.761

File: 1434142279950.jpg (6.05 KB, 300x168, download.jpg, io e g t)

ID: e3849 No. 750 [Reply]

So now, after about a year of not buying any new onahole, I want to get another one. The reason why I didn't buy another one was because I didn't need to really… Virgin Age admission really lasted over a year with about 1-3X use per week. Still in great condition.

Now after buying about 5 onaholes I now know my preference a bit more. I prefer something that can be held in my hand without too big of a grip, has a solid feel when grabbing it, single layer, and extreme tightness to the point where I have to force it.

Basically, the preferences all point to Virgin Age Admission. I would like a new onahole that fits previously mentioned preferences. I would like some recommendations

ID: 02dbe No.751

Dual layer but pretty tight :) https://blog.onahole.eu/daisuki-hold.html

ID: 39dfc No.753


My concern with that one is jellyness from the pictures. Virgin age is firm and holding it at the edge will still hold the onahole straight. Kirino on the otherhand will bend. I would say Bordeux seventeen was in between but more on firm side.

I think that part was the reason why I didn't enjoy both Kirino and Ayase onaholes.

Daisuki Hold looks promising though.

File: 1380162065695.jpeg (7.73 KB, 360x350, shipping-policy.jpeg, io g t)

ID: 379e9 No. 43 [Reply]

Hey guys, just thought we should have a board dedicated for shipping/customs questions. Would be helpful to know if theres any way to make shipping go smoothly or less painful through customs.
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ID: 8b87c No.743

I know this is kinda old, but I've just ordered several things last week.
First of all: I do live in Germany. The package was sent through EMS and DHL should be the deliverer here in Germany. As far as the current progress says (01.06.15) the package is still in customs.

So what I've ordered was those things:
- http://www.kanojotoys.com//img/enjoy-toys/double-matari-onahole-threesome-mother-daughter-1.jpg
- http://www.kanojotoys.com//img/nippori/loli-stick-onahole-cosplay-japanese-virgin-girl-1.jpg
- http://www.kanojotoys.com//img/arms-japan/ubujiru-japanese-virgin-lotion-1.jpg

I bought them at Kanojotoys, who said they do discret shipping and clarify it as Toys.

The overall sum of my ordered products (those three above, and 2-3 more things) is about 122€. I do have a free sum of 22€. Therefore I do have to pay some taxes for sure.

Will the customs at the airport open the package? Or will I have to open the package once it arrives at my local customs?

As those images already show, the products do feature images of lolis.
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ID: 3ed58 No.752

This exactly. While I've gotten 3 orders with packages that are questionable in content through customs fine, I may be pushing my luck on not getting burnt.

I'm hoping the 4th order (which has Virgin Age Admission in it) will pass through fine too. Hindsight: remove packaging.

File: 1432369015146.png (1.61 MB, 1078x1057, Screenshots_2015-05-23-15-….png, io g t)

ID: 50a83 No. 734 [Reply]

I would like to buy a onahole which is excellent in terms of durability, pleasure and tightness.After few days of research, set up eyes on this onaholes,Virgin Age ~ Admission, Virgin Age ~ Graduation and
Age series: Seventeen Bordeaux.Which one is more worth the money?[BTW I had owned Magic Eyes - Mouth Of Truth and Magic Eyes - Sujiman Kupa Lolinco]
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ID: 02942 No.747

In my experience, the Seventeen Bordeaux is quite good, but not all that tight (I'm average size). Can't comment on Virgin Age though.

ID: ec8e4 No.749

I had Seventeen bordeux and still have Virgin age Admission, mouth of truth, and sujima kupa lolinco.

If I had to recommend for durability, pleasure, tightness, ease of cleaning, then Virgin age Admission wins for me. It's ridiculously durable and it's very very very easy to clean. It's really tight as well and grips hard and that's my personal preference.

Seventeen borteux felt good as well. It's say it's second place because it is quiet difficult to clean and it's two layers which ended up separating for me.

Lolinco felt great at first but the quality seemed to deteriorate after each cleaning. The entrance ripped despite how careful I used it and the inside is really different from day 1… Very fragile and didn't last long. Haven't used it in a while.

Mouth of truth is just different feel and somethings that should be expected when comparing to previous 3 mentioned.

If I were to re buy previously used onahole, I'd go with Virgin Age Admission for sure. Just my thoughts.

File: 1433896918983.gif (2.42 MB, 360x480, 6207.gif, io g t)

ID: 36ce1 No. 746 [Reply]

Are there any good anal onaholes that anyone is aware of? I've tried Doctor Anal, but it was terrible.

I just wish there was an anal hole equivalent to the Mouth of Truth. But anything half as good would be great as well.

ID: 13fc5 No.748

<a href="http://en-nls.com/pict1-42554?c2=9999">kunoichi black</a>

File: 1427731482613.jpg (22.26 KB, 300x300, 51Ku86R79KL__SY300_.jpg, io e g t)

ID: e4db4 No. 653 [Reply]

Hey people.

I startede living alone a few months ago and thought I would try something new when relieving my stress and have been looking around for sometime now and have taken a liking to the hip models and narrowed it down to following.

Puni Hole DX
Puru-puru Finale
The Puritto Hip Seventeen Buttocks Onahole

But now I have some trouble decideing which I should choose.

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ID: b9738 No.681

well maybe i'm too impatient x)
i want one since i saw it XD

ID: d8828 No.745

I just want to say DON'T get the Puru-puru Finale. It's a mediocre toy and it's nearly impossible to get going on it as the hole is small and it's really awkward to position unless you're going to be standing up to us it via doggy style

it's flat on the "bottom" so you can't have it riding you. I just threw it away after 2 or 3 uses because it was so annoying. I over paid because I was still stupid enough to buy these things from j-list at the time, so thats how willing I was to throw it away even though I already paid for it.

File: 1432255448197.jpg (161.25 KB, 500x500, F000479.jpg, io e g t)

ID: ab638 No. 728 [Reply]

I think I made a huge mistake. I bought a Love Body Hina together with the Seducing Witch onahole. Now I found out that Hina is supposed to come in a set with a certain onahole… How high is the chance I can fit in another onahole? Does anybody have experience with that?
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ID: 8ed5c No.738


You can fit a number of holes to the airdoll hina, the hole the make especially for it is of mediocre quality.

ID: f3014 No.742

I think you should be able to use medium sized onaholes, like those that Toysheart, RIDE or Magic Eyes etc make. I own the Love Venus R http://en-nls.com/pict1-20758?c2=36111010 I think Hina and Venus has the same dimensions. I have bought the onahole "Air Pussy (Outhodox)" from NLS which has a plastic tube you can put onaholes into to help with insertion into the doll easier (the onahole itself is quite good also), it works great with my doll so it should work with the Hina. Magic Eyes has made the onahole "Girl's (i)" (NLS) and that seems to be made for love dolls so that maybe is a good onahole to pick up, I have no experience from it though.

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