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File: 1392545861496.jpg (24 KB, 300x300, Goku fella 4.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 75a3f No. 119 [Reply]

Anyone try this out? Wondering if the tongue gimmick actually feels good/ worth it.
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ID: 80e86 No.130


I'll definitively buy it, as soon as I have enough money to ensure my food supply.

ID: fafbd No.143

I bought mine from toydemon the first week it was released and it was an awesome experience it was also my first time using an oral on a hole the tongue feels great the only thing that went wrong was that the tongue feel out while cleaning which stinks I contacted toydemon and they helped me with a replacement I see go for it if curious hopefully the tongue problem doesn't happen with yours

File: 1397031942671.jpg (368 KB, 1600x1200, 09042014123 - Kopie.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 0c103 No. 137 [Reply]

Got new Toys today:
>Baby-faced Green-ass Teacher Hina
>Onaho Market
>The Octopus Girl (Warty)
>3x Toy Bags Small
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ID: 11eda No.140

But isn't those 2 onaholes made by Ride. They are not products of Tamatoys.

ID: 1f234 No.141

Oh, I spoke of Onaho Market :)

About Ride, my Bangee Shake and Virgin Loop are still unbroken and performing like the first day, really good durability.

File: 1382148325498.jpg (30.66 KB, 290x220, 1_1349245289_1_HbFr7.jpg, io e g t)

ID: ce5b9 No. 57 [Reply]

Hey guys, I noticed that nobody has done a review for the "Puni Hole DX" yet so I've decided to do one myself.

Now for starters, this isn't your regular "onahole" but rather an "onahip". This particular model was made by eXe, and is not as large as other hip-holes. The added weight and size definitely makes the whole experience overall better and more realistic but its still small enough to be considered a "loli" hip. The best way to describe the material for the "skin" of this onahip is a soft but firm variation of the material from the Tsurupetta, but a little more firm. A few things to note about this onahip is that it has a small orifice in the back which makes cleaning a breeze. Of course, this means that there won't be much suction going on, and it could also leak from the top. Though this could easily be fixed by plugging it up with something (I used a piece of dual-layer from my decaying kana onahole). This is a single layered toy, which means its not as pleasurable as dual layered ones but it will last longer. Another feature of the PHDX is that it comes with both a vaginal and an anal hole. Both holes have different textures, with the vaginal hole having small nubs and the anal hole having larger waves. The vaginal hole is indeed tighter than the anal one, which immediately makes it my "preferred" hole as it has more stimulation. I would describe the stimulation as a high mild sensation. The closest feeling I could relate it to is like a fleshier but tighter version of the 17 Bordeaux. Its larger size would mean that it should fit most without too much trouble (I'm 5,5 and I couldn't reach the end, lol). Oh and for those of you that are into cheeks, they feel quite nice in the palm of your hands. Since its a hip style onahole, all you really need to do is thrust and enjoy. Although it will make some noise as you're using it. All in all, its a pretty good buy with plenty of good points. I don't have any other onahips to compare it to, but the fact that its made by eXe should be good enough. It comes in a box with loli artwork, which includes the hip itself, a bottle of lotion and a CD with even more (censored) loli artwork. I made my purchase with NLS and even though the shipping fee was quite hefty, I still think it was worth it. I'd give it a 4/5 rating because while the insides are good ,it could still feel better.

I'd recommend it for a starter onahip for anyone looking to get a hip style onahole because of its ease of use aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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ID: fa809 No.135

ID: 117a1 No.136

lol, wasn't expecting that. BTW, for those of you living in an area with strict rules (like CAN), it may be safer to have it shipped without the box (and CD) because of the loli themed art. (They didn't open mines, but they did confiscate an item from one of my other shipments.)

File: 1395701978854.jpg (77.84 KB, 400x300, 1_1341378717_m_k2v3m.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 33471 No. 127 [Reply]

Hi guys.

I want a new onahole to replace pic related: I'm looking for something tighter and MUCH less cumbersome.

I've taken a look on the blog and NLS and Virgin Age ~ Admission, Virgin Age ~ Graduation and Open My Pussy! Rina all appeal to me.
The only problem is that my little buddy is 15.5cm long (never measured girth) and I'm afraid the aforementioned onaholes may be too small.


ID: 5a3ae No.128

Mmmh you're not so big you have to stick to Age series Twenty, but I think Virgin Age Admission won't be a good fit (unless you love to force your way inside it).

Hey, get both Rina and Graduation ! Rina's got some suction while Graduation got stronger stimulation.

ID: 20758 No.131

Definitely get Rina. One of my favourites. I'm about the same length, FYI, although sometimes I like small onaholes, too (e.g. Seven).

File: 1392845469331.jpg (45.62 KB, 500x500, 1.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 67856 No. 120 [Reply]

Kuroneko on the cover. They make a big deal of it being made in japan as opposed to made in china. Anyone have experience with PPP?

en-nls.com doesn't carry her in their inventory, but they can backorder her for you if you ask them.
The price they charge is 2500 yen, slightly steeper than japanese amazon at 2200, and the cheapest places sell her for 2000 yen, but all these places refuse to ship "adult goods" outside japan because it's illegal apparently.
Outside japan, I've seen some HK shop sell her for 360 hong kong dollars, which is almost twice the price.
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ID: 67856 No.125

ID: b3891 No.126

Just ordered a few PPP products including the kuroneko one. Ill write a review once i receive it.

File: 1390686323039.jpg (166.41 KB, 960x274, topbanner.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 98215 No. 105 [Reply]

A Hong Kong brand with some products that seem like Hong Kong knock-offs (they look similar to official Japanese products) but who knows, maybe they're OK. Anyone tried them and have anything to report?


ID: 98215 No.110

The names are different. Maybe they try to clone some famous brands' product line.

There are lots of camouflage products in China. At least it's not one of those.

There are many small companies around the world. We won't know about the quality of each small company.

ID: 98215 No.117

When you say the names are different what are you referring to?
I really wonder if they manage to make any sales at all?

File: 1387244673109.jpg (12.13 KB, 140x175, TMT185_en.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 04d70 No. 81 [Reply]

Guys, I bought the following three items.

I've read the blog's review that the first one is good, but can anyone suggest me the other two?
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ID: 04d70 No.85

I didn't own enough parodies to do real stats, but they usually are one (or more) quality levels below "real" onaholes released at the same time, at some exceptions.

Unless you love and need the packaging, they're not worth the money :)

ID: 04d70 No.116

I have that last one, its rather tight and its got a ribbed structure which is somewhat boring. That second one is very similar to the last one. (As with most of TamaToys' products. The "best" one is the first one. Dual layer from Magic Eyes is quite enjoyable. Beware the material of that last one, the color tends to "stick" to other onaholes. I would advise you to change your last two items, but its too late now since you already bought it. Don't worry about it too much though, since you can at least collect the boxart.

File: 1391080542695.jpg (17.96 KB, 300x300, Glans Dual Shaker.jpg, io e g t)

ID: e6659 No. 112 [Reply]

Has anyone ever tried them out (Besides the Breast Melon reviewed already)? Are they worth it or just another crappy gimmick?

For example, I came across this on J-list by chance [Glans Dual Shaker 16]. Sounds like an awesome idea for foreplay or adapting to different fap material.

So again, any throught on these?

ID: e6659 No.113

The pic is misleading, the oppai aren't included. It's basically just a penis head vibrator. So. Expensive.

Not worth. Oh no. :)

ID: e6659 No.114


Alright, looks like I'll need to lurk more and find another suitable toy other than the two I already own [Superb Fella 3: which is amazing… and Seven Teen Bordeaux: another favorite]. Guess I shouldn't make any real verdicts though without having trying much more than just two. I'll have to decide soon considering I'm running out of lube lol.

File: 1388250811053.jpg (359.66 KB, 590x1520, 1_1386741143_m_FSe4E.jpg, io e g t)

ID: cecb2 No. 86 [Reply]

Guys, would you spend 100+ on this onahole? I present to you NLS' newest release: Open my pussy -Cocolo-
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ID: cecb2 No.91

wow… that would be about 45€ / 60$ just for the EMS shipping, depending on your country.
That's just crazy

ID: cecb2 No.111

I've ordered this along with other goods. They're in custom now.

Shipping+duties make the purchase 100% more expensive.

Cocolo is known for hard to clean. Also, it's like a 2 hands hole and not a hip.

File: 1390919658995.png (3.95 KB, 240x205, sffss.png, io g t)

ID: bdc6b No. 106 [Reply]

so it is me again, wow just as i was to order super tight decleration is not sold anymore… wow. So could u give me different reccomandations? combo it up to 30dollars so i dont pay taxes or make 2 packages with 30dollars each. as money is not an issue ;)
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ID: bdc6b No.108

okey, ill just wait :) anyway since i got ur attention. what could i add to the order of "super tight decleration" that would add up to total of max 31dollars? something ud reccomend

ID: bdc6b No.109

If you got enough lube and don't need to add a bottle in your order, then I might consider this one :)


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