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File: 1418016481226.png (2.19 MB, 1918x1080, hanairo.png, io g t)

ID: b37f4 No. 472 [Reply]

I'd like to order a few items from NLS, but I'd like to avoid payments showing up in my bank account records. Does anyone have experience with how this works? Typically PayPal payments will show up in my bank account with the name of the vendor, e.g. "PAYPAL INST XFER BANDCAMP WEB ID: XXXXXXX" or something. Is the vendor name sufficiently obfuscated (i.e. some boring-sounding name)? Or, if I load enough money into Paypal beforehand, will that keep the charge from showing up in my bank account records?

I ordered from ToyDemon before. That was a bad decision; TD is super overpriced ($43 for the Seventeen Bordeaux vs. NLS' $25?!). The only good thing was that they accepted Bitcoin. Amazon was good too, since it of course just has a payment to Amazon and nothing about the vendor. Not sure what to do here, though.

ID: d838d No.473

With card payment through Paypal, the record shows PAYPAL 2 4 B M O O N S ← I add spaces here to avoid unwanted search engine indexing.

If you want to avoid bank account records, then just wire some money to your Paypal account and get the order paid with it :) Either way, Paypal has complete records (including what shop, what products, what price, what shipping address, what billing address). "KYC" and anti-money-laundering regulations.

As of recently, NLS has no plans adding Bitcoin payments. But ask for them to add payments through processors like BitPay or Coinbase, Japan is turning quite warm to Bitcoin economy, it has significantly less fees than Paypal and prevents the risk of chargebacks.

ID: b37f4 No.474

I see, thank you!

File: 1417549495284.jpg (44.72 KB, 286x500, 1410750043_2067016964.jpg, io e g t)

ID: c4de7 No. 458 [Reply]

So I put in the order for La Bocca Della Verità – The Mouth of Truth, which I have been looking at since I began looking into onaholes.

Never really was into mouth onahole. Should arrive in couple of days. Everywhere I looked, this item was highly recommended.

However I don't see much of caution to be taken with this item though. How's cleaning and durability for this one? Does the lube stay in the mouth well or does it drip out?
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ID: b934e No.467


Instead of removing the teeths, I softened the edges which helped greatly. The sharpness of the teeth before was very unrealistic and ruined the session… Maybe mine was sharper than normal.

ID: 007ad No.469

My Mouth of Truth got in yesterday. I used it last night for the first time. I put in a little bit of lube and then put my warmer in it to let it warm up.

I imagined I was a hire mercenary sent to go slay an evil sorceress in her tower (to help pass the time while the onahole warmed up). I fought my way through legions of her conjured armies and finally got to her but her magic was too powerful. She bound me and instead of killing me she decided that she was going use me for her spells. One of which required the semen of a powerful fighter.

So then I used the mouth of truth and WOW. Seriously. this is the best onahole I've ever used so far. It felt like a realy mouth. I literally started laughing. LAUGHING!!! It felt so real that I was in shock and couldnt help by laugh. The combination of not using too much lube, using the warmer while it was lubed and quality of the hole. Seriously the best one yet. I've purchased the Gimmick vagina hole, some anal hole and a crappy mouth hole that didnt feel like anything (the other two were pretty good though).

I also have Rina vagina hole which I haven't yet but might try tonight. but holy hell. Everything about the mouth of truth is perfect. The teeth and all.

File: 1417611230823.jpg (17.81 KB, 300x225, love-girl-300x225.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 58f8a No. 462 [Reply]

I'm nervous about receiving an onahole through the mail, so I was wondering whether they were typically sold in sex shops, preferably in the Seattle area. Also, what kind of markup would they get in such a store?

ID: 39407 No.465

You probably wont find japanese onaholes in any local shops. For the most part they carry american made holes which almost always have a real strong smell and arent all to impressive. It would be best to just order one. If your parent arent people who go through your boxes if they show up and you are not around you should be fine. Shops like en-nls will label it as whatever you want if you add it in the note section during checkout. And the boxes are very plain and dont leave anything to be implied.

ID: dba26 No.468

Amazon now carries onaholes now. Just couple months ago, they didn't and my first toy was American and it was not fun and smelly and not as asthetic.

If you live in US, make amazon account, sign up for amazon prime trial. You can have it shipped to one of local amazon lockers in your area. I have never tried this method before since I ship them directly to my house because no one is home during the day and I can track the shipping.

Amazon prime will give you 2 day free shipping for a month so you can get them on a timely manner.

File: 1417591107324.jpg (99.58 KB, 400x300, 17.jpg, io e g t)

ID: aa3b3 No. 460 [Reply]

Looking to buy my first onahole, I was looking at the onahole 17.
Anyone have recommendations or advice for a 5 inch long first time onahole buyer?
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ID: 76a12 No.463


Rina is perfect for a first hole.
When using lube you want to reduce friction only so apply a small amount to yourself and the hole otherwise you will essentially be fucking the lube instead of the textures. If I use too much lube I usually find that after about 5 minutes the onahole suddenly feels far better than at first as the lube dries/thins out.

If you are going to go hands free then find or make a mount that doesn't grip or constrain after the entrance of the hole for the same reasons outlined above. Once you get your balance right then you're in for a treat.

I would recommend the original Rina and a mouth of truth, the loli holes like lolinco or admission will just crush your dick even at 5 inches and you must be hard as a rock to use them, I don't like my admission or lolinco but they do give far more stimulation to the penis at the expense of losing out on what I feel is a more enjoyable longer session

ID: aa3b3 No.464

Alright, thanks guys!
It also happens to be the least expensive of the 3, so I'm pretty content with that :)

File: 1417526620849.png (665.38 KB, 764x480, box.png, io g t)

ID: 04cf0 No. 456 [Reply]

I'm new to onaholes from using encased toys like the tenga flip hole (had all colours) and I find it difficult to masturbate with them.

Onaholes are really soft and difficult play with by hand so I tried making flaps in a small cardboard box and it worked well, felt absolutely amazing on my Rina/mouth of truth.

Does anyone here have a better way of making shells?

Perhaps using wax coating then moulding plastic to your toy for a removable holder.

PS. How do you fuck a lolinico or virgin age admission? they are just too tight and I'm not well endowed either

ID: 04cf0 No.457

File: 1417537608337.jpg (16.78 KB, 500x500, $_12.JPG, io e g t)

OK I had an idea, I have a safe that comes with a frame to mount it under a table, the height matches the lolinico I have (larger onahole size) and I could pack some insert foam on either side to mount it in the middle. The soft foam wouldn't damage the toy and allow different ones to be swapped out. It's probably the bets way to have a stationary onahole if you want immersion.

The only foam I have that is suitable though is from my older oculus rift case and I don't want to ruin it

File: 1406033712192.jpg (26.71 KB, 300x300, ppo.jpg, io e g t)

ID: a0cdd No. 292 [Reply]

Hey guys, I just wanted to know a couple of things. But first let me just say that yesterday I ordered my first onahole. I bought the "Puru puru oshiri finale" from jlist and I gotta say I am looking forward to it. for someone that has a panty fetish and butt fetish this seems like a deal (especially when the panties are shimapan). and it was only £56. but anyways what I wanted to know is the following…
1.should I clean it before i use it for the first time?
2.what's it like to use a onahole for the first time?
3.is this a good replacement of fapping with hands?
4.does any of you guys own one and would like to share your experience?
5.does this actually feel like im f*cking a vagina or butt?
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ID: 8a7cb No.453

I've used this one.

It's completely flat on the bottom so you cant really let it ride you. It's only good for "doggy style" while you're standing up.

It always took me about 10 minutes just to enter it because the entrance was too small. I give a 1 out of 10. There's nothing too special about it.

I just threw it away after the third use because it was too much of a hassle.

I was hoping I'd be able to use it "cowgirl" style by griping the butt. Nope.

On a side note, you can take a pillow and use that to hold a regular onahole to get that effect. Using an onahole without griping it directly is great.

ID: 8a7cb No.454

Also, the lube that comes with it is terrible. it dries really fast.

File: 1417081878204.jpg (57.85 KB, 445x580, TMT399_1.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 8c158 No. 431 [Reply]

First time onahole buyer here, was wondering if the following is any good for a 6 inch wang and for tenga and what not, which are good for reuse:

Dragon Knock:

Bible Black 09 cup:

Tenga Egg Twister:

Pocket Tenga Click Ball:

US Tenga double hole:
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ID: 5531d No.450

Do /not/ get the Dragon Knock. She is a waste of money as she breaks within a few uses. She's made by Tamatoys, known for their terrible material quality. I made the mistake of buying her as a first, don't do the same and regret your first onahole purchase.

ID: 2f739 No.452

The Dragon Knock is pretty bland. I only use it because I paid for it. As soon as I buy another one it's going in the the trash.

Trust me don't get the cheap ones. Most of the time they're terrible. Not all of the cheap ones are bad though.

My first onaholes were these:


Both of these were great. I can say they're way better than the dragon crap. I also got Doctor anal which is even worse than the dragon.

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File: 1417366760094.jpg (8.48 KB, 290x174, Birthday Present.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 8a2ad No. 447 [Reply]

I'm looking to buy some onaholes from NLS and I want them to be as discreet as possible. My country apparently has laws preventing imports of sex toys. So has anybody tried asking NLS to wrap the boxes up as birthday gifts and to put "birthday presents" in the description of the package? I'm thinking of doing this but don't know whether it will work or not. Oh, by the way, how does customs checkup work? Do they rip open the package and have a look inside or something?

ID: 641b6 No.448

Just put in the message box what you want them to put as description, they can do it with e-packet and EMS :) Also, you can ask them for extra sealing of the content, and removing the box (just shipping the toy).

Come up with something stupidly uninteresting while staying credible: "aquarium decoration", or "zen candle", "dog toy", "pencil case"… (for onahole)

"birthday presents" isn't good, because it doesn't describe the content. That would raise suspicion ;)

If they still open it and ask you what it is… well.. I don't think they will understand the purpose, and you can then complain on how this "zen candle" looks shitty after all because it doesn't smell good and doesn't burn right and what a waste of money etc etc. Play the scammed buyer.

→ one item
→ e-packet shipping
→ no box
→ unrelated but plausible description

ID: 02b00 No.449

Wow, thanks for the tip man! I just realized how stupid the birthday present idea would be LOL Well, I'll try aquarium decoration or something of the sort. I'll come back and report how it goes once I received my package. Thanks once again and keep up the good work! Love the forum and the reviews, man! :D

File: 1417278920658.jpg (846.72 KB, 2592x1936, IMG_0043.JPG, io e g t)

ID: fa44d No. 438 [Reply]

Inside of Virgin Age: Graduation is de-attached from the onahole after couple of uses. Should I use soldering iron to seal it up and how should I prevent this from happening again?

ID: 77a5e No.444

well.. you could try with a soldering iron :/ the "dots" went out kinda

File: 1417282700610.jpg (50.2 KB, 400x298, Cambodian Flag.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 26a8f No. 443 [Reply]

Has anyone shipped onaholes to Cambodia before? I've read about cases where a few people got arrested for selling sex toys here, but all of them seem to point out to the fact that someone informed the police about them. So back to the question, has anybody safely shipped onaholes to Cambodia. If so, please inform me of how you managed to shipped it without having to take a trip to the police station.

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