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ID: 47483 No. 312 [Reply]

Hi I'm looking for an onahole to buy, I'm thinking of Open my pussy Rina but I'm really not sure as i've never used an onahole before i don't know what I'm lookinng for. I want something that feels like the real thing i guess, any advice. Im also from the UK any good places in which i could buy them. Thanks in advice
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ID: 7d3e0 No.315

Yeah i bought Sujiman Kupa Rina and omg its amazing, Shall never use my hand again. Btw would you recommend a Meiki, i've heard people talk about them like they are the best thing ever. Any thoughts?

ID: 56c2c No.316

No thoughts :) Maybe someday I may get one. Maybe.

File: 1406151842469.jpg (91.74 KB, 871x655, 1_1247039535_8_0308.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 71233 No. 297 [Reply]

for my first onahole, i will buy two. one is decided an it is "the mouth of truth" aka fella bocca.
but cant decide the second one. virgin age gradiations is highly suggested for beginners but it lacks suction chamber at the end, the womb entrance like structure. the one like that eroman or seventeen evo has. but evo lacks texture at the end while 17 r20 seems to have good texture at the end chamber(s).
is this important or am i overthinking about womb like thing? i tried to explain what i mean it the pic (beware my paint skillz)
the seventeen series r20 has good suction chambers but it is not really like womb, doesnt have lips like eroman or seventeen evo.
gradiation is more expensive than r20 and 17 evo(there is also soft version), so can we say it is directly superior than them? even if it lacks womb section?
and 17 bordeux is given 100 points, people saying it is the best but i read it is not durable. i need something durable. so,
r20 or 17 evo or 17 evo soft or 17 bordeux or gradition or lolinco or something other than these that you would recommend? evo got weak points while bordeux got a perfect 100. gradiation got a strong 93 too. lolinco got 87.
help me decide please
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ID: aac2c No.302

Yup, it's registered e-packet, through the tracking in your country may not be as good.

ID: 53741 No.314

File: 1406666951901.png (54.86 KB, 1500x1175, challenge accepted meme.png, io g t)

You can also try Nurse's Uterus. IT is one of the cheaper cervix, structures. Im also a big fan of those kind of onaholes, so basically im kinda listening in on this conversation XD

File: 1405092919598.jpg (82.2 KB, 800x505, TMT413_2.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 96384 No. 272 [Reply]

has anyone purchased this im out of funds at the moment just wondering when i do get some if i should try ?
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ID: 96384 No.308


ID: dfd50 No.311

Would recommend Puni Ana DX instead, but I have yet no opinion about hips because.. I didn't get one yet ^^

File: 1406259526358.jpg (9.91 KB, 327x243, meme-guy-staring-at-comput….jpg, io e g t)

ID: ee4fe No. 303 [Reply]

Is my 4in (10cm) penis long enough to use an onahole? I am not sure cuz I've never had one. And if there are any can you suggest one suitable for me? Thanks y'all.

ID: 7fb6c No.304

Sure it's long enough, remember that the most sensitive spot is the tip, no matter how much blood your penis can gather (because the erect size is only about how much blood).

So, no "special meal" for you. All average onaholes are good for you :)

ID: 5c06c No.309

Thank you, 4in when erected has concerned me for a while now so I feel a little more comfortable about buying now. Thanks y'all.

File: 1406311481756.jpg (63.01 KB, 500x333, sujiman-kupa-lolinco-male-….jpg, io e g t)

ID: ce9be No. 305 [Reply]

Hey all,
just started lurking this board and the reviews here. I am currently stalking the mailman who should be here like in hours with my first onahole.
I deiced on magic eyes lolinco after a few months of researching, almost buying then finally finding a US vendor to purchase from. Was introduced to onaholes after seeing a xvideo clip of a guy screwing a dollho. Found a site selling them for like 700 USD, yikes! Ok, backed off, then saw the onas and said hey that looks cool! I work in a sextoy shop and have a few masturbators ect. but all seem to leave you wanting more. Sooo I pulled the trigger and bought an onahole.
Now i am wondering if my preferred lube will be ok to use. It is called spunk lube I believe it is a hybrid "water based silicone" and says safe for all sex toys and condoms. but not sure if it is safe for the marital used in onaholes? anybody have knowledge of water based silicone lubes and onas?
ty in advance :D

ID: c5c95 No.306

"water based silicone".. I seriously don't know about the silicone… can't it dry up, agglomerate and fill all the sweet crates and ribs that were supposed to feel so good ?

Well, be our guinea pig and try it out :p
"I work in a sextoy shop" my my, I guess you have plenty of lube to choose from :) But: NO VASELINE.

ID: ce9be No.307

File: 1406327103730.jpg (1.74 MB, 2592x1936, image.jpg, io e g t)

Lol I will git it a go with my fav spunk lube. And report back. :D well I love how stringy the magic eyes sample pack of lube is and wish I sold jap lube! :( all I have is the typical stuff.

But the lolinco is awesome!!! Pretty happy with my first choice.

File: 1406051057741.png (741.02 KB, 720x960, 996680_678240272208525_395….png, io g t)

ID: 6bb34 No. 294 [Reply]

hi, i am new at here. i have been reading these very well done reviews and trying to decide to pick one or two, it will be my first onahole(s) so i need some advise.
i wanted to buy "puni hole dx". but sadly although the price for the hip is good, the shipping price ruined it since it is very heavy :(
so i turned my head to air lovedolls instead, with a good onahole to pair with ofcourse. so, this is my first option, and there is another.
not buying air doll, instead of that, buying second onahole, particularly "la bocca della verita" an oral onahole.
i wanted to buy air doll because it will be something i can imagine myself "fucking" it, if you know what i mean. i might use something like pillow or tower to tuck onahole in still have the handsfree feeling, with this way, i can buy the second onahole.
i really want the mouth onahole too :( i might even go for 2 onaholes and a air doll if shipping price dont ruin it, since the prices at nls is really good.
so, for the "main" onahole, i need advices. i would like something with good suction and a little tight. maybe seventeen series "20"?
i saw at reviews that some of the onaholes have something like womb entrance, this looked pretty cool, i would like to have this kind of thing.
ALL other suggestions is welcome. please help this noob :)
*the photo: me, trying to decide what to buy

ID: 6bb34 No.295

i forgot to mention, mine is 6.5" and circumcised. i dunno if it makes any difference since these toys seems really elastic. my concern is on durability side. i would cry if it tears or something :(

ID: 5667a No.296

File: 1403634880434.jpg (83.14 KB, 1600x900, kotoura-san-episode-7-oh-m….jpg, io e g t)

ID: f9ede No. 253 [Reply]

So I made a huge mistake of forgetting to clean my onahole after each use.

Basically, I used my seventeen bordeaux about a week ago and left it aside, and told myself that I'll clean it up later. Well I completely forgot and yesterday I used it thinking that it was clean.

I wake up in the morning with huge itch on my penis and yellowish fluid on my boxer brief. It's a fungal infection and basically I'm taking care of it by using antifungal cream and routinely cleaning my penis and boxer brief.

Just typing infection, itch, fleshlight, onahole on google gave me a result that describes my case exactly. Hopefully it clears up in a week. Can't use any onahole or even masturbate cause it irritates the area.

It's getting hot where I am and my room has been hot when I was out of my house. So it makes sense that with lube and use, not cleaning, and hot room temp, there will be minor fungal growth in my onahole.

Summer is here and make sure you guys keep your onaholes clean! As for my onaholes, I'm cleaning them out with rubbing alcohol. Basically I poured them into my onahole and left it there for a bit.
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ID: 1bfc0 No.285

I feel sorry for your loss man (the onaholes), that really hurts, throwing them away :(

ID: 1672c No.288


I know :( Bordeaux was my most expansive onahole I have ever purchased. But it was a learning experience. Glad that my condition wasn't severe.

File: 1405119015916.jpg (2.82 MB, 4128x2322, 20140711_183601.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 801df No. 275 [Reply]

So I just got my 2 onaholes that I have wanted to get for a looong time. Virgin age Admission and Sujiman Kupa Lolinco. I used to have Bordeaux Seventeen and Passionate Wife but Bordeaux was a little too roomy. Passionate Wife is amazing and I would recommend to anyone who wants high stimulation!

So I thought my penis was a bit too small since I had to squeeze the air out and use it for good time. My junk is about 5.5in to 6in in good days so just about average.

I will post my opinion on them in two separate follow up posts :)
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ID: 9affc No.286

About the lolinco, I got it recently. I've bought many onaholes before, and I really dislike dual layers. My dick is the same size as yours, and I just can't use this onahole, it's way too tight and the rubs are very hard for me, I just lose my erection because I cannot move well.
I'm thinking about it, and probably it has to be because my dick has a short frenum. 2 years ago when I got onaholes, I couldn't even peel my skin, with the time and a lot of fapping, now I can, but it probably is still bothering me, or I just have a sensitve penis…
So I hate this onahole, I barely can't enjoy it, I don't recommend it to others, unless they can go very hard and hardly lose an erection.
I got one of my small lube bottles (thicker than my dick), put lube in the onahole and shoved it in, I let it sit from one morning to the other, and yes, the onahole stretched out, now I can use it, but it still doesn't feel good…
I really can't enjoy dual layer onaholes, if you love them, try the J-Hole! Ryo Saitani!, that one it's way too tight, I don't recommend if you dick is thicker than your thumb finger…
Well, thanks for sharing your opinion though :P

ID: 801df No.287


Whoa Lolinco was tight for you? Damn our thickness must be very different if you have to stretch it before using it. I would say my thickness is about a thumb and half (i dont have Megan Fox thumb lol) and fits well for me. Everyone is different when it comes to enjoying each onahole.

I agree with dual layer. I have to be extra careful with any dual layer onaholes due to my experience with first dual layer onahole(bordeaux seventeen) which began to separate and was bothering me when using it.

I see. It's kinda hard to remove the water that gets trapped inside though. Kinda afraid to use any towel ATM. I just squeeze the water out like how I squeeze air out with other onaholes. That is becoming my limiting factor for the number of times I used Lolinco. I've used Admission a lot more today and yesterday and to be honest, my initial opinion about it is changing for better.

File: 1405109515525.jpg (25.06 KB, 500x709, 1373500302178.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 60662 No. 274 [Reply]

Just got a bunch of new toys. Anyone ever try using corn starch for the after rub down, instead of talcum?

Really enjoying what magic eyes has done! Some of the best I have used.

ID: 60662 No.283

I have recently tried the mouth of truth. If you like the light feeling of teeth with a soft BJ this thing is great! I might even get a backup! Easier to clean than I thought it would be! The sides of the mouth do feel fragile though, must be careful.

Virgin age admission is one of the best holes i have ever bought! Everything about it is good!

Anyone use tampons to get the water out after cleaning? I have found it works very well on dual material holes that you can not flip, as well as bigger holes like COCOLO.

ID: 956b2 No.284

Using tamponts to get the water out, rofl. I use a tiny microfiber cloth, it does the job well, also a guy here made a tutorial on how to make things that fit on your finger to clean better and reach everywhere.

File: 1404213857510.jpg (135.35 KB, 651x466, devi-navi-214.jpg, io e g t)

ID: abf8a No. 261 [Reply]

Finaly got my order a few days ago (Rina, Bordeaux and F&S:moist). I was right by getting them both) they feel really different, can't say which one is better. Right lube seems really matter. F&S was good with Bordeaux, but with Rina it feels not so great. Magic Eyes standart lube far better with Rina. Which lube similiar to Magic Eyes? Also i wanted to ask about cleaning, cause i cant reach end of onahole with my cleaning cloth, it's not completely dry (Even if i put it vertically) is it ok? and for the last one… wanna try something that feels different from these two. Can you reccomend something? Personaly now i'm looking at tight onaholes, Shimetan and admission. But it seems admission better, excluding that shimetan has more lube? P.S. Sorry if my grammar is bad. English isn't my native language
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ID: 09cd5 No.264

@Akaihebi, I don't think you should say "it's ok if it's not completely dry", remember my case… I really think you should clean it perfectly, I bought from a chinese store a very tiny microfiber cloth, with which just using your finger it gets anywhere, so try to find one. You could also try to sew "the fingers" in a tutorial made here on this board.
As for tightness, my first onahole, Smooth & Flat Girl's Laboratory http://en-nls.com/pict1-28466?c2=9999 is VERY tight, I really like it, but mine broke on the top, so yeah, after some months it may break for you too, but it's worth it.

ID: ca884 No.265

Even with a tiny cloth it's really hard to reach end of some onaholes (i can do it with Rina, but not with Bordeaux. My finger barely reaches her cervix and this area stays not completely dry. And i'm actually afraid to damage it )For me it's seems easier and more effective use antibacterial spray or alcohol to prevent occurence of bacteria. About tutorial, i already saw it. Thanks for recomendation) maybe later i try this onahole

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