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ID: acb76 No. 398 [Reply]

Anyone knows if there's any import charges to the UK? I'm thinking about spending about £100, will I get charged?

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ID: af947 No. 397 [Reply]

just wanted to pop in and say hello! i really appreciate the thoughtful feedback i've received on my videos. i might not agree with all opinions but i certainly do want to hear them and will do my best to make changes accordingly. i just finished editing a new video and here is a little visual breadcrumb… :D


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ID: bf003 No. 391 [Reply]

So I recently purchased a Guchomon Pocket Omega from a local online retailer and was pretty excited. I have a pretty small penis so the size was not too much of an issue, but I did feel that the stimulation on the shaft was rather weak. The only remarkable thing was the suction produced by the vacuum effect. This is my first ever onahole, so I don't know what other onaholes feel like, but I'm guessing I'm looking for something a little 'harder' (?) or 'firmer' internal structures (?). Just something I can feel as I slide it along my 4"in (give or take a few mm) shaft. I think I may have torn the opening to my Guchomon Omega, so I'm also looking for something a little more durable. Any suggestions? Trying not to exceed $100 dollar budget.
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ID: bf003 No.393

Thanks for the help, they all look great. I'm thinking about getting Either a Bumpy Sister or Virgin Age Graduation or Admission (which ever is tighter). A shame that most of these lack suction. Also, as I mentioned, I'm pretty new to onaholes, can you me tell how hard I should be gripping my onahole when I'm using it or is it just up to preference? Thanks for the trouble.

ID: 0a65f No.394

The grip that's pretty much personal taste, I guess. You get quite different sensations and variety.

I'd recommend Bumpy Sister and Virgin Age Admission: a nice soft feeling, and a shaft-crushing intense tightness.

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ID: 4961f No. 390 [Reply]

does someone own a love body ren? which onahole do you use?
I tried the original onahole for Ren but they are too tight and hard and Meiki does not fit. Tomax Lilith should be working but i want a realistic inner parts…any sugguestions?

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ID: 297b3 No. 387 [Reply]

(Pardon the somewhat crappy picture)
First, I need to say, thank you AkaiHebi, this blog has helped convince me to buy an Onahole and made my time to myself much more enjoyable!

Now, onto business!
As you can see, my first order of onahole was "Chu!" For it's incredibly cheap pricing and inconspicuous "stress toy" look. My other focus was on having suction, as I had looked through reviews, that seemed to be an important aspect. In addition, I purchased "finish and sleep" lotion. It came with a packet of very gooey lotion (I believe the label indicated it was peepee) that was a bit… off-putting… not really my thing.

Now, this is less of a review, more of a cautionary tale, because as you'll notice the Chu! is torn, in not one, but TWO places.
Now, as this was my first ona, I didn't really know how to treat it. It was incredibly weird to try for the first time.
I started off like I would without a ona, with just stroking, unfortunately, I was a bit too rough (part of the reason I purchased an ona in the first place) and on (I believe) the second use, I tore the top - suction gone D:

However, I persisted in my use of it. Even though the top was split, it still provided great sensation - when used properly. I discovered this ona was particularly geared towards the head of the penis, and when used to focus 75% on the pleasure for that area, that it did it's job amazingly, and lasted quite a while.
As I saw happening,the area where the smaller bulb connected to the larger bulb began to show it's wear, and eventually tore, being the final nail in the coffin. It lasted me about three weeks, and to be honest, I don't mind.

I am definitely buying another one of these, with the proper usage, it will get much more length of use, which is why I am also purchasing a standard Ona, I was thinking perhaps Nurse's Uterus, Aquatic Series, and as a last choice, virgin loop (I'm not too attracted to this one for some reason)

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ID: 55510 No. 386 [Reply]

Hi guys. As you may know, onaholes do not last forever, they break. So a way to fix them it's with a soldering iron, as I've seen at NLS repair kits section. You just burn the silicone where it broke and try to fuse both parts, but it's not that easy, the part which you burn vanishes into the air, so you need some extra silicone, which you or gather from other parts of the onahole, or from another onahole.
This was my first time using one of my old onaholes to fix it, I had to repair 2 onaholes, the first one ended looking like shit, but the next one looks quite well.

I'll explain it all here with pics, enjoy:


I'm waiting for everything to cool down now, so I don't have the results with how it end, I'll post later about it.

If you have any tips, let me know.

Hope this helps you, or at least gave you a good laugh, 'till next time!

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ID: 56e56 No. 379 [Reply]

So because of ridiculous shipping laws in my country I can't exceed 24 euro (30 US dollar) if I buy outside of my country. I have to pay a shit ton of extra taxes if i do so. This is excluding shipping.

So right now I want to get more lube + one or two more onaholes within that price.

In a perfect world I would have already ordered:
Virgin Age -Admission- - EUR14.77
Virgin Loop - EUR10.06
Peace's Lube - EUR4.56
And a toy bag - EUR1.49

But that costs 30 or so euro on NLS. I guess my question is if someone know of some ok/good sex toys to swap around with so it's within 24 euro.

It seems fishy to get a dirt-cheap onahole along with the virgin age, but if I am I forced to do so I would at least get some recommendations. Or maybe there's some even cheaper lubes out there, but that is especially risky to get. At this point I'm desperate enough to just get some cheap vibe egg or something just to try it out.
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ID: d3c39 No.384

Peaces has the date of making. Lube lasts well up to a year ;)

Low price… Yeah Bangee Shake is worth it.

ID: 43438 No.385

Alright. I started ordering already once I saw your mouth of truth review.

Thank you!

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ID: bf949 No. 377 [Reply]

I'm wondering why I'm not seeing a review on this, or any posts for that matter. SoloFlesh is a company based in the U.S. I stumbled onto a few months ago - http://www.soloflesh.com/

Honestly I was skeptical at first, reflecting on my previously based holes and the different design of this one but I gave it a shot and I'm glad I did. I'd seen a similar toy or two in some online JP sites but nothing of this scope or quality seeing that it's an onahip style hole.

I'm not sure if anyone's heard of it and given it a shot, but it does more for me than toys I've paid twice as much as they're asking. It's a hole that is filled with very warm water and plugged similar in design to a water balloon. The work that goes into preparing it and the clean-up afterwards are more than the average hole perhaps, but that bit of extra work goes a looong way if you ask me.

It would be great if they were to offer verious body types and inner/outer styles but it really helps that you control the size when filling allowing for some variation in experience.

Let me know what you think, or if I'm barking up the wrong tree. I'm curious to know hahahah.

ID: d119f No.378

File: 1411724610597.jpg (81.07 KB, 400x400, 0.jpg, io e g t)

You wanna know why there's no review ? Well, there WAS an accurate review, but… :)

You know, for a company to react like this upon criticism, that's a big call for a Streisand effect. Maybe the whole product line is defective, maybe just a few samples, it doesn't matter: their reaction burned down their reputation ^-^

Don't be afraid to put your reviews up there, logs get periodically deleted and I take no removal action without proper French/Belgian court order (which is not like in court-frenzy USA) unless it's plain flood/spam/bash. Accurate reviews please, and SoloFlesh employees are welcome to identify as such and reply to reviewers.

…Have fun ^.^

File: 1411237776592.jpg (46.73 KB, 600x337, l5ika.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 0f5af No. 371 [Reply]

So now I'm looking for new onahole after abusing the hell out of my Virgin age Admission. Still in top shape and I love it. Lolinko was done after the first week sadly and haven't touched it for months.

Now I want to get a new onahole. Preferably durable ones like Virgin Age admission. I'm thinking about Graduation. Looks about the same on the surface but different inside. I guess the quality and durability is similar to Admission since it is from the same company.

Any other suggestions for tight, small, durable, with bumps or twists for extreme sensation?
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ID: 2e89b No.374

File: 1411598033580.png (50.16 KB, 255x226, awwww.png, io g t)


I already tried Ayase and it was boring for me. Not as stimulating as I had hoped (too soft/stretchy).

Age series Seven looks a bit boring as well… Doesnt seem to have special parts for extra sensation.

I finished looking through everything that you have tried so far and I added couple more to my interest list: Onahoe Fairy and Eroman. So far Eroman > Fairy due to the bumps but I'm worried about the softness. In your demonstration it seemed to be as soft as Ayase. As for Fairy, it seems to be similar to Admission but with different angle and smaller ridges. Any thoughts on those?

ID: b05b4 No.376

File: 1411632698633.jpg (46.15 KB, 1000x1000, 51FBr2TxTRL._SL1500_.jpg, io e g t)

Eroman's definitively more intense than Fairy. The fantasy of fucking a fairy must do most of the job because the hole itself doesn't achieve much (but the durability is great).

Eroman feels good, decent performance. Material quality is a bit lower. Eroman's strength is the suction it gives, this makes it tighten around you and it gets a bit like a soft version of IBO MAX. I'd pick that one ^^

File: 1410663382932.jpg (19.49 KB, 260x260, 41v3to-keaL.jpg, io e g t)

ID: b2c0a No. 366 [Reply]

Hey guys, is it normal for my onahole to be oily? Even after i washed it with soap, it will get oily after gripping it. The onahole is Chibuaibu! Pop Star Onahole

ID: 45a3e No.367

Yeah they all get more or less "oily" :) You can use baby powder to make the surface smooth (corn starch or talc)

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